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  1. Harry, Yes I have been on 40 mg for all three months. Increasing dosage tends to increase side-effects and since I am already having such success with this dosage my derm finds no need to increase it. Best, Dalton Lilmama, Thanks! I really appreciate it! I didn't notice much for side-effects until about two weeks in and that's when the IB really set in. I'm not sure if you read the rest of my posts but I found a lot of success with sitting in a sauna. Really pushed all the im
  2. I just thought I would report to everyone about something amazing that has happened. This is a first in my life since I have had acne.... I AM COMPLETELY ACNE FREE. I doubt it will last as I am only now starting my third month of Accutane but since I have started I have not missed a single dose and now have a completely clear complexion. It is literally take 100% of my mental restraint to not just rub my hands all over my face. I haven't known this feeling since the 5th grade and 8 years later i
  3. Jess, Yes, hydration is key! Let me know how that works out for you! Aquaphor is best thing I have for my lips, and I love how just a little bit goes a long way. I don't expect to need to purchase another container of it before my accutane cycle is over. One thing I have been doing lately is not washing my hair everyday. I jump in the shower and rinse my body off in the mornings but only wash my hair 3 times a week. If I was working out I would wash it everyday but since my ankle injury is n
  4. Good to hear from you Kim! I actually really have started to like Aquaphor as well for my chin gets pretty flaky after my skin dries in the morning from stepping out of the shower. Looks like we both hopped on the bandwagon! As to my drinking, I don't drink every weekend but I will be graduating in just 2 weeks so there will be a lot of graduation parties so my typical alcohol consumption is going to be a lot higher than it normally is. I have found that drinking liquor is easier on my skin
  5. Jason, I honestly really recommend that if you have access to a sauna that you take advantage of it. Just warm it up and sit in it for half an hour a day for a week or two and you'll be through the IB. Hope my timeline will help you out on yours. Best wishes, Dalton
  6. Well... Still no response... Just updating.. My acne is gradually getting better. Acne doesn't stay for very long and they are getting smaller and smaller. So that's nice. If anyone has any specific questions about my progress, feel free to respond. Dalton
  7. Well a little update... Had probably two of the largest cysts on my chin that I have ever had. I've noticed with my acne that my outbreaks are becoming fewer and fewer but the physical characteristics of them are becoming deeper and more solid feeling to the touch. And question for you guys... I have been going out pretty often on the weekends to parties and I see that most people who drink tend to have bad blood tests... I on the other hand do not have this issue. I went out last Saturday and d
  8. Hey guy! My acne is really starting to clear up! I should have a clear complected by prom if it continues to follow this trend! The nosebleeds have stopped completely now with regular application of Aquaphor in my nose. I saw my derm the other day, and incurred a $250 speeding ticket to get their on time... (85 in a 65 on the interstate) and she said that I am seeing really great results from this stuff. Very few of her patients see immediate results from this stuff and that I what I am seeing.
  9. @Kim28 I ended up just conforming and purchasing some Aquaphor.. My nose bleeds started to get pretty frequent and when visiting the college that I will be attending next fall, I met up with the girl that I've been talking to for some time now and my nose started bleeding really bad in the middle of a conversation (pretty embarrassing) so I was just fed up with the nose bleeds and now put some in my nose every night before going to bed. Doing this my nose bleeds have completely gone away.
  10. UPDATE: Literally an overnight flare up. It's better than t was at around week 2 but I notice several pimples have sprung over night and i have a cold sore on my lip. Should I contact my doctor and ask about sending a script for one of those cold sore meds?? And thank you Kim28 I appreciate someone being honest with me about this one. Looking at it I just couldn't see what was so different about it. May purchase it though as I just got my first nose bleed. A very rough one too.
  11. Okay I am not sure what order it's going to show up for you guys but I labeled each picture by the week it was taken. I couldn't really figure out how to upload directly to the website so i just made a photobucket. Here you guys go! http://s1144.photobucket.com/user/Deequarius/library/?sort=3&page=1
  12. Hey guys! Sorry I was in-between computers the past week or so. Computer just up and fried on me! I can report on my skin now though so that's all that matters! But I asked if anyone had heard of sitting in a sauna would help get past the IB faster in a prior post. Without reading anything on here due to not having a computer, I went ahead and did it. I am happy to report that it did WONDERS for my skin. Literally night and day results. My IB started in the first week of me using Tane. I started
  13. Wow, I really wasn't expecting much of a response. I did go ahead and contact my derm and she said that some people experience this initially in the first few weeks. I'm still in High School and prom is coming up here at the end of next month. I heard from some people that sitting in a sauna can really help speed along the process of the initial breakout and get you on your way to healing. Can anyone validate this? I would like to have a somewhat clear complexion before prom. For those wonde
  14. Hi everybody! After scavenging through the internet looking for people with similar stories to my own, I thought the right thing to do would be to contribute my own story and progress for other people to benefit from. I didn't post anything my first day but just decided to start this now. My name is Dalton, and I am 18 years old. I am 6'2" and weigh 190 pounds. A little info about my acne being treated: My acne is typically on my chin and forehead, with a great deal of black heads on my chin