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  1. Wow.....this is so accurate. I am going through the same thing and oh god...it's a never ending cycle. I suffer from anxiety, OCD, BDD, Panic disorder, social anxiety and depression. It really sucks, but i refuse to take medication. I stress out so much about what i put in my body and it's ironic because stress is also toxic for the body. Are you seeing a therapist? What have you tried to de-stress?
  2. I know exactly what you mean....it's a viscous cycle. Take a look at my post!
  3. So lately, I've been under extreme levels of stress and anxiety. I stressed out big time over everything, but mostly on my acne returning. Last Sep 2012, i had a horrendous breakout from maybe wrong skin care, body changes(was 23, now 24), poor diet and stopping BP. The breakouts lasted for about a year and eventually subsided but i did have very mild acne which makeup covered beautifully. During March was the time when my acne was the worse...so when March of this year rolled around, i freaked
  4. Hello Everybody! My name is Daisy. I am a 23 year old female with supposedly hormonal acne. I recently took saliva hormonal test and it seems as if my hormones are off. I will post my result. If anybody could give me some feedback, it would definitely be useful. It says that my testosterone levels are high and my progesterone levels are low. My stress hormones are higher than normal also. I've always wanted to take herbal tea and supplements for my acne because i choose not to take any phar