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  1. This is really my main question and there seems to be a differing of opinions on this: I read one post that says post subcision with suction the depressions tend to fill with collagen slowly like a hose would fill a swimming pool for a while..hmmm??
  2. You can also use the following for suction: A vacuum cleaner which you will sterilize the tip with alchohol then cup your hand at end of to decrease suction OR a snake bite extractor (which you would use basically the same as sarahs suction device on owndoc.
  3. The full article for the subcision-suction method has been posted online! It includes details, like what instrument was used for suction, how many passes and how long the suction lasted, etc. Link to article Step 2: Suctioning period Considering the recurrence period of subcised scars, our protocol for suctioning was: starting suction sessions on the 3rd day after subcision and continuing at least every other day for 2 weeks. We explained to the patients about maximum scar re-depressio
  4. Do "SUCTION" After subcision for 2 weeks after on 2nd day after your subcision. This helps to prevent readhesion of scar tissues to skin layer to give collagen a better chance to fill in. There is a suction device available on [Removed] With directions to use. GLTU
  5. I have a few pre subcision photos but it will be a little while before I will post post subcision photos (after the bruising and swelling goes down): I have a few pre subcision photos but it will be a little while before I will post post subcision photos (after the bruising and swelling goes down):
  6. Hi All, Had subcision 4/10 with dermatologist MD. My second subcision with some improvement on 1st subcision (maybe 25%), which I had 2 years ago (the dr followed the 1st subcision by 2 units of artfill a month later). Anyway after reading Mr. Matts great case for post subcision suction I decided to try again and this time with suction. Dr. agreed and was interested when I showed her journal article from Iranian Dr. doing suction post subcision for 2 weeks. She wanted to
  7. Ive heard something like this years ago but after my first subcision i can first hand tell you it improved things a bit. Just had a second subcision a week ago and am using suction post subcision for a few weeks (well see). However i did ALOT of research on subcision this time and I could tell you that in all the pictures (especially MR MATT in this forum, who had suction afterward) there is much less scarring and no new scar was made.
  8. I agree with MoonSpoon 100%. Its affecting you and youll never truly be able to totally let go and maximize your relationship until you know in your mind hes totally accepting your scars (in the worst light and with no makeup) and you can make peace with yourself on this. You know what needs to be done.
  9. Hello All; Morning after subcision. Im black and blue and unshaven. I look like guy from that last rocky movie :-0 Anyway, no sense in taking pics now of swelling but i will in future. I cut caffeine out for now as i heard it is a slight inhibitor of collagen. Quick question for Matt or anyone else (please forgive me for asking you so many questions matt but our cases and age is nearly the same). I started using a light retinoid on first night after subcision as well as a vitamin C/E cr
  10. Matt; My thoughts exactly on letting things run their course and I am an independent consultant so Im not overly concerned about extra bruising. Funny about zinc because i was looking for it last week and then got distracted and forgot about. I HAVE A FEW QUICK CRITICAL QUESTIONS FOR YOU THAT I WOULD BE MOST GRATEFUL TO GET YOUR TAKE ON; 1.) Is 3.5 days too long to wait to suction? My dr wants to do my suction in her office every day (excluding saturday and sunday), with her fancy isolaz
  11. 2 pictures of left (worse ) cheek. Right cheek much better.
  12. Hi all; Dr agreed with me to do subcision which i just had late this afternoon. She just heard about suction and i will be her first subcision-suction guinea pig ). Shes going to bring me back in office every day next week and the week after and will use her isolaz machine for suction on subcised areas. The emphasis is of course on having scars NOT retetherIng after subcision as Mr Matt educated many of us on. I have a question for forum as far as supplements to take during this
  13. I just heard today a new jersey derm telling his patients to take baby aspirin For 1 week before subcision. He says this puts a layer above scars and increases collagen. Anyone ever done this?
  14. Matt or others; I was told to use arnica to help prevent bruising before and after subcsion. It really kept bruised look down in that regard. Anyone else try that?
  15. Matt; You sound like an identical twin to me for my life experience with acne and im 45 yrs old. As I said b4 in my post thank you so much again for all the commentary and tips youve provided to this forum. Absolutely invaluable!