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  1. Only products that work 100%

    Very good oil control, no clogged pores/breakout, moisturizing, no redness Fast application Affordable High shipping cost to Singapore I will try to keep this review short. This is the 12th year acne has been with me. I have tried many products in the market. Some were useless, some brought me more acne, and there were some effective ones but only lasted for a couple of months before they stopped working on me. One word to sum up those products - Inconsistent. I had been wi
  2. I have all these nasty old and new scars on my legs after "plucking" (I don't use epilator) the hair. Not sure if it's caused by ingrown hair or just sensitive. It was initially red bumps which would become scars even if i leave them alone. Hate them to the core T_T I tried using Apple Cider Vinegar and it worked on the long term fading scars but can be drying if were to use it on daily basis. I stopped using it because my legs were already too fair. I had also tried several moisturizers whi
  3. I ran out of my Avene cleanser and decided to give this cheaper carrot thing a try. Face condition before use: Red marks and scars, with some black heads on nose. Product: Yes to Carrots Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser Duration: 3-4 days Purpose: Normal cleanser and Makeup remover (for EDM) When I started using it, it felt good on the skin. The tiny grains acts as gentle scrub, and it did not leave my skin dry. However, it left a slightly oily feel (residue?) behind after rinse. After eac
  4. I use aspirin with honey for exfoliation. And do it the night before going out day, so that I have a night's time to care for my skin (put on moisturizer etc/if anything goes wrong). It definitely improves your skin in certain ways. Personally, makeup application goes on much smoother.
  5. Hey. I have the exact same thing like u (in fact, i have one right now). Jeez, I've never managed to get rid any of those successfully. I usually use ACV on it after cleansing. And sadly it just reduces the bump, and leaves a scar :( Help, anyone?
  6. I used to use L'oreal gentle eye makeup remover (waterproof). It is ok but not gentle as it claims to be. To me, it usually doesn't take off eyeliner that well (no matter how). Oh and it not only removes eye makeup, but also never fails to take away a few of my eyelashes too. I tried Jojoba Oil too. It breaks up any type of makeup well but too time consuming imo But it's still good! Right now, i am using Cyber colors gentle eye makeup remover (waterproof). As compared L'oreal, this is reall
  7. Gotta get the basic going - Simple, simple, simple! 1. Skin79 Dermarx Rejunate Night Balm (BB Cream): Smoother and softer skin (Before vs After = huge difference), no dryness, reduces blemishes lots! 2. Aubrey Nicole rice powder: Great primer, love it for being colorless! 3. EM Foundation/concealer: Friends said "my complexion is so good", well...it's all coz of these! 4. Blush: EM Siesta has gotta be <3! 5. Lip balm/gloss: EM Plum Dust!
  8. They are still pushing the new website. There sure to be bugs around. Help them, send in emails. And give them some time. I am sure once it's all settled, things will roll again Just to add on: I experience a few login issue, such as unauthorized access to my own account and getting logged out etc. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon.
  9. heyoo anyone to do a review on the new pressed powder? As compared to the old pressed powder, in terms of coverage, packaging etc?
  10. I use conditioner everyday, leave on for about 5 minutes or more before rinse off (the minutes matters!). It keeps the fly aways and frizz really neat. Trim hair once in awhile, personally my rate of hair growth is really fast and needs to be trimmed around every 2 weeks Like what jolian said, try not to get your hair caught between the straps or probably ANYTHING (brush your hair aside before leaning on the chairs/sofa etc). I once read a book, it mentioned strong wind can be harmful too. So
  11. Hello, I am looking for a good hairspray which can hold frizz hair, not making hair stiff or sticky and does not weigh the hair down? Especially those which do not cause breakout/are safe for acne skin...i am not looking for a specific hairspray, just looking for the various choices available ps: or any type of ingredients in hairspray to avoid? Anyone?
  12. Hi, i hope this website helps u. It says to "look at the underside of your arm. If your veins appear bluish you are cool toned, if they appear greenish you are warm toned". It also shows colors the different tones suit... http://www.mineral-makeup-reviews.com/Cool...-Skin-Tone.html
  13. Lol, i had been watchin youtube tutorial lately and i hope this helps you