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  1. that sounded like the beginning of a poem or song ha - 'cyst acne sometimes can get under your skin...but u gotta face it!' anyway - do you mean that I should just leave it alone completely - will it go away on its own? seems unlikely !
  2. are you sure? it's a pretty deep icepick scar from what i can tell... feeling tempted to do this laser stuff - also the cyst is still there it's just quite far beneath the surface... but very large - i can feel it under the skin. Should I be trying to draw it out somehow - maybe with tea tree oil or something? Or will it just go away ....? Sorry, so many questions ha. Thanks for all your replies!
  3. Ok HELP what do I do about this scar that I have now i.e. will it ever go away?
  4. I use Jan Marini Bioglycolic cleanser + transformation serum + vit c serum.... I've been using it for a while, but can't say it's helped - but then the dermatologist who recommended it also said that I would initially break out with it. I'm now experiencing peeling of the skin where the spot was and the cyst is (underneath the skin still) - have been using clean and clear moisturiser all day but it doesn't seem to be doing the job! Also, still worried about the size of the cyst under the skin an
  5. Thanks so much. Will try the vicks and the lavender oil. I think the cyst may have formed originally because I used a (disinfected) needle on a spot which is above where the cyst is now. I just worry that most of the things I would put on the skin won't penetrate deep enough as it's quite far beneath the skin. I am also considering two other options for a more long term solution (?) - have you heard of N-Lite laser? I was told that it would work and I should have it in conjunction with some (oba
  6. Hi, can someone/anyone please have a look at these photos and let me know how severe my acne is? I did think that I had moderate acne, but actually since i've been getting very large cysts forming under the skin (I have one now, which is quite hard and painful) then maybe I have severe acne? I also having blackheads, whiteheads etc ... in fact, i seem to have it all - but it's quite localised (to the cheeks). Wondering what the best thing to do is with the cyst - my skin scars very easily, but i