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  1. hey guys, first here is my swim schedule monday: morning 5:30-6:30, afternoon 4:45-7:00 tuesday: afternoon 4:45-7:00 wednesday: same as monday thursday: same as tuesday friday: same as tuesday so as you can see it is pretty extreme, high school swim team. i have mild acne. any suggestions on how to do the regimen without overdrying
  2. Hey, I have been using AHA for a while now, usually I alternate between replacing my moisturizer with AHA every three nights , and mixing AHA and moisturizer and applying that every night. But just out of curiosity, are either of these two methods better or worse than the other? Thanks! ~ Drew
  3. you guys, I really meant to post once a week to tell you how I was doing on the regimen. but as you guys know, things change. the first thing to happen was that I had moved and unpacking and everything. and then the thing you'd never expect, at 15 years old, I managed t get a massive kidney stone. you guys that is the most painful thing I have ever been through, I was in the hospital for 6 days. now to the regimen. I have never been more impressed with a product. I have told my f
  4. Sorry I haven't been on, regimen is proving very effective
  5. Hi everyone, Recently my grandma came to see us, she used to be a nurse in a dermatology office. She looked at my face and was shocked at how much Bette it looked. She said that I showed more improvement then anyone she ever saw in a dermatology office. And that is all because of dan creating these products and inventing the regimen. So thank you dan! And also this may influence your decision when considering going to the dermatologist office
  6. Hello everyone, Recently I have noticed that I have no active breakouts in my skin, what I have no is completely smooth skin but there is still something there. Does anyone know what this is thanks!
  7. hey everyone, so recently I realized that I have no more active pimples on my face. all I have left is scarring, and I was wondering, will the regimen clear scarring? or is there something more I should do. thanks!
  8. Ok, thank you so much :) I'll experiment with some other ones
  9. I'm using the acne.org moisturizer :)
  10. I have been using the regimen for a few days now and i had a question, i apply two pumps of moisturizer (with a bit of jojoba oil) twice a day. the problem that i am having is that it doesnt seem to sink in much at all. Even after an hour or so you can still see that the moisturizer is still very present on my skin. any thoughts on how to speed up the absorbing process? thanks for reading, ~ Drew
  11. Hey Everyone, So today the kit I purchased arrived. I chose the create your own kit option, what I got was the 16 oz. cleanser( it has the most value), 8 oz. treatment, 8 oz. moisturizer, and 8 oz. Jojoba oil ( I have dry skin and I didn't want it to be super flaky). and since I started last night with the starter kit I got, I will still be having the week #1 update on Monday, March 31st. Thanks for reading, ~ Drew
  12. Dear awesome people, this is going to be a quick post. i just recieved the starter kit for "The Regimen"( i was one of the people who got it for free). I am still waiting on the kit that i purchased. so next monday i will post what is going on at the one week mark. Thanks for reading, ~ Drew
  13. Dear people on acne.org, so I purchased the regimen today, and I was wondering if there is anything I should be doing to prepare my face for this treatment. please let me know if any of you have any advice for this.
  14. Hey everyone, So just today I ordered the regimen from acne.org. What I ordered was the 16. oz cleanser (because its the best deal), the 8 oz. treatment, the 8 oz. moisturizer, and the 8 oz. jojoba oil. Once I receive these I plan to post an update about once a week to tell you how things are going. How I learned about "The regimen" So I was spending a ton (and I mean a ton) of time on youtube and other websites trying to find something for my skin that would work. I saw one video