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  1. an spf 8 is not really protecting yourself, even when you are not on accutane, anything under a 15 is a waste of time if you ask me, on top of that people might not put on enough which cuts the spf even more. i am not sure why people go against so many things doctors recomand with accutane, if they say you should not go in the sun i would/did listen...
  2. i would avoid it while on accutane, it will further dry you out, you do not need an astringent now anyways!
  3. you should not use clay mask now, their purpose is to mop up oil (which you should not have, it shuts down your oil production), it will only further dry out your skin. i cleared up within one week of starting accutane and then got hit by my initial breakout, and then some, 5 months later i am clear!!
  4. accutane does NOT cause scarring, the scars are visible all of a sudden because there are no more pimples, as all the breakouts subside you get to see your skin for a change, it also won't do anything for pore size, nothing can change the size of your pores, any product that tells you so is lying! good luck!
  5. WOW, what an encouraging response :clap: Karma is a bytch buddy ;) To answer your question: Cary is right! Some people break out the entire course, the good news is, your skin gets even better when its over.. Good luck! i was thinking the same thing...i can basically feel the fellowship here!
  6. i have been off acciutane for a week and a half and no pimples yet!!
  7. accutane cannot do anything about poresize, it "just" gets rid of your acne, pores might look bigger because they are empty!
  8. even without being on accutane, to be out on the beach for 5 hours...you are just asking for it, i hope it does not hurt too bad, put some sunscreen on please. put joghurt on your body, regular one, that moisturizes, cools and feels nice!
  9. i started accutane in november, first case of pink eye at new year's, i had to stay home. i cannot seem to shake it since then, i have had it on and on, with 2 week breaks inbetween if that. i have seen my eye doctor, the drops just don't do it anymore. i was done with my course 3 days ago! an my skin is clear, but i still got pink eye, anybody else here with that problem??
  10. why would not sharing it be an option anyway? and why does our thoughts imidiatly go to how we can turn this into money?? fucked up, i would post it everywhere and hope i will never have another pimple ever again, hard to imagine!
  11. i wear contacts and had totally no problems wearing them at all, 2 months into the treatment i got pink eye for the first time, a side effect, now i cannot go without pink eye for more than a week, i cannot get it under control, no more contacts for me, still getting conjunctovitis, it is chronic now, i am done with the accutane in a few weeks and my skin is clear, that is all that counts, my eyes are gross tho...all red and itchy.
  12. i feel the same, i should have done this a while ago. on the other side my pink eye (a side effect of accutane) is basically permanent now, i cannot get rid of it. the dry skin and lips and all that are tuff tho!! i cannot wait until i am done, my skin is totally clear!! one more month!
  13. AQUAPHOR is perfect for me after trying every lipbalm under the sun!!
  14. your doctor is not wacko, you should use a peeling twice a week, on accutane or not on accutane. your skin sheds 40000 skin cells per minute!! it renews itself all the time, those dead skin cells need to be polished away regularly, specially when you have acne, dead skin will clog your pores. i am not sure what kind of peel your doc wants you to do but just get yourself a gentle exfoliator that is not natural, clinique 7 day scrub cream is good. when you exfoliate it helps also to get rid of any