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  1. I also just started taking Gugulipids this past weekend. So far so good for me and I have high hopes of seeing some results in a reasonable time.
  2. Yes I had it come back a couple of months after I stopped Accutane treatments. However, after I finished the treatment I didn't do anything to maintain the way my face was. Now I have it back in full force. I'm sure if you follow Dan's regimen now you will be alright, just learn from my mistake and take action to prevent it from coming back.
  3. I'm having the same debat except between Vitamin K and Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin #-o I don't remember Retin-A Micro ever helping to remove my red marks.. But that was a couple of years ago. Why not try putting on Vitamin K in the morning and Retin-A at night? Or vice versa.
  4. Vitamin K for Blotchy Skin or Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin might help with some of those red marks. Both have good reviews in fading red marks.
  5. I'm currently trying to figure that out also. I've used each product for about 2 weeks each and see some results. Only comments I can make are that Multi-Vitamin contains salicic acid in it which is said to help reduce red marks. But Vitamin K guarentees your red marks will fade or you can get your money back, granted you have to use the product for like 6 weeks.
  6. Awesome! Can't wait until this product hits the e-shelves. Wish I could say more Dan, but good job and thank you!
  7. Define 'best' and what you mean by it. There is no 'best' product and there never will be a 'best' product for everyone. There might be a very good product that works for a majority of the people yet there is still the minority of people for which it does nothing. And guess what, you could be part of that minority. The only way you can obtain whats 'best' for you is to search the forums and find reviews on various products and try them out. Any other way will just inhibit your ability to ac
  8. Go for it if you want to. I thought it was mandatory that you had to wait at least 6 months between treatments. It seems like its time to start taking it again so go for it.
  9. It did a good job for me in preventing new acne from forming both when I was taking it and a couple months after I finished the treatment. It did little for my red marks, which is mainly what I have. However, a couple months after I finished the treatment I started forming new acne but did little to stop or prevent it, ergo, a year later I'm now fighting it with this regimen. Be sure to get lots of moisturizer and chap stick. Your skin and your lips will dry out very bad and pretty quickly
  10. Not nearly as efficient as most people want them to. If you want to get rid your red marks try out Vitamin K for Blotchy Skin or Neutrogena Multi Vitamin. Both have had raves on how good they got rid of red marks. Vitamin K even has a guarentee that it works or your money back (after 6-8 weeks of use).
  11. I'm on week 4 of Dan's regimen and I just started applying the AHA last week. I just leave it on after I wash with SA and apply BP on 15 mins later. You should be fine if you just leave it on as everyone else has suggested.
  12. I'm going to have to agree with coffeejunkie79's posts about the AHA products. I've been using the Alpha Hydrox lotion for 2 days now and just a few minutes ago I woke up to a couple new whiteheads. This, to me, is good news, as I am already seeing results. Then just let the BP go to work on the suckers.