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Well, at the moment I'm going through my worst acne breakout yet which has led me to creating this account. The breakout has so far lasted about 3 weeks. So lately I've been hiding out at home and playing a lot of Frogger, which if you remember is a classic game from the 80's. I'm getting pretty good at it. Other than that, there's not much going on with me right now because of my acne. However, I can certainly tell you what my interests would be if I didn't have acne. They would include:

- Going to the movies

- Swimming

- Kayaking

- Camping at the beach with a guitar and some good friends

- Going to uni (I'm studying law at the moment, pretty boring but some areas are kind of fun)

- Competing in pool tournaments

- Going to trivia nights

- Painting the scenery outside

- Sailing with my Dad

- Taking my dog for long walks

- Eating out at fancy restaurants

Hmm. I guess one interest that my acne doesn't really effect is listening to music. But that doesn't really count as an interest because everyone does it. And yes in case you were wondering (which you probably weren't) I got my username because I was listening to "Polyester Girl" by Regurgitator at the time I created my account. Anyway, I hope whoever you are reading this, that your skin gets better because no one deserves to have to play this much Frogger. It's hard to stay positive when every pimple leaves a scar, but fingers crossed for both of us that one day... maybe not tomorrow or the next day... but one day in the future, we will feel like normal people again.