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  1. I tried EVERYTHING and I mean everything, and my acne would never go away. I did not have cystic acne, just very persistent. Finally got on accutane, lower dose for a longer period of time & I am sooooooooo happy I did it. It seriously changed my life.
  2. I got DRUNK a few times on accutane. Once it was the night before going to the doctors.... never had any problems with my blood tests.
  3. I loved accutane. it works miracles! But i would have to say that the worst part was the dryness inside of my nose or the side of my lips when they cracked they looked soooo nasty like a sore or something. Shaving was a pain too. I'm all done now though & it was well worth it
  4. I would just like to say that I just finished Accutane a few weeks ago & it changed my life. Anti-biotics never helped much for me. I never had cystic acne either. Good luck to your son
  5. I'm wondering if its ok to use the crest teeth whitening strips when you're on accutane??....... I actually just finished accutane about two weeks ago but I know its still in my system. thanks guys
  6. So its summer now and ive gotten drunk at a couple parties. My bloodtest came out fine afterwards. So, is there really anything to worry about with drinking once in a while if my bloodtest says that my liver is ok??
  7. as long as your your blood test is cool when u go to the drs you should be fine.
  8. dont do it. i am on accutane now, and my belly piercing that ive had for almost 2 years is giving me issues! i cant even imagine a new piercing.
  9. I started on 20 my first month and im now on 40
  10. Ok so ive been on accutane for about 40 days and im having a lot of vaginal itching and discomfort? is this normal? what should i do?! ahhhh im going crazy
  11. Im just finishing my first month, and i must say that i don't have any complains. My lips are a bit peely, but nothing worse than that so far!
  12. DAY 21.. i believe yay my skin is starting to really smooth out! i still have zits, but the over all texture is definately smoothing out. The red marks are another story. good lord. stupid red marks make it look like you have zits when you dont. go away red marks.
  13. 1st of all, I'm not asking this so people can lecture me about smoking ciggarettes. I've been smoking for a couple of years and I'm trying to quit. But anyway, since i have been smoking while on accutane, my question is... is this an insanely bad idea? am i really screwing myself up here? & like i said i realize that cigs alone are messing me up so please dont preach to me. im just wondering the effects of cigs and accutane. thanks.
  14. UPDATE... not sure what day it is I got in a car accident last weekend, im fine but i got pretty bad whiplash and i hit my knees really hard. I noticed that i have these really tiny little bumps all over my cheeks, nothing noticable really, but i can feel them and see them when close enough to the mirror and under light. i wonder what that is.