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  1. Hi there. The picture is quite blurry so it's hard to tell. You definitely have a lot of hyperpigmentation though, so it's going to be hard to tell from a picture anyway what the extent of your scarring is until that fades away. There's probably a bit of ice pick scarring, but again it's hard to tell.
  2.     I usually give detailed answers to questions, however since you won't even do me the courtesy of typing in proper English, i'm going to keep this simple. Scarring is caused by deep damage to the skin. Acne is a deep infection in the skin. Thus Ruptured acne causes deep damage. QED
  3. I'll throw my 2 cents in on this. ''Superficial scarring" is a very subjective term. There's no way of knowing the state of your skin simply from those words that your derm told you. If you were able to take some good pictures of your skin in harsh lighting then we'd know what we're dealing with here. As i mentioned above, actual indented scarring doesn't heal on it's own. That said, pigmentation does get better and this is why scars look better over time. You may even just have pigmentation, a
  4. You're usually need to use harsh lighting if you want any hope of seeing scars in pictures, especially since your camera doesn't seem to be focusing very well. From what I can currently see though, your skin looks fine. I'd question that mustache though
  5. Accutane didn't work for me either, and i was on it for nearly two years. The regimen eventually worked for me, although i still get some bad breakout phases. I think you have more healing pigmentation than anything else at the moment, which is good as the actual scars will probably turn out to be far more minimal than you think.As others have said here though, focus on clearing up the acne before you try treatments for scars. One thing i saw on your list that i don't understand is the salt. S
  6. If i literally had all the money in the world then i would hire thousands of researchers/doctors to work 24/7 to find a full cure for scarring. It never ceases to amaze me that surgeons can do things like craft a vagina from a penis, yet they still can't get rid of little indentations in the skin. If we had a lobby like the LGBT movement, then we'd probably have far better treatments today haha. It's such a shame for our generation, i'd say that acne scarring will be a thing of the past in a hu
  7. I'm going to be frank with you here. Why do you think this scar is worse than acne? It doesn't even look like an acne scar. I honestly don't know why something like this would bother you, especially considering that you're male. I can guarantee you that the look of this scar isn't what's affecting your attractiveness. It's either all in your head, or else it's something else about you, but certainly not this. Anyway, the classification for it would be a deepish rolling line scar. If i were you
  8. Sigh, i know how you feel... Really do and it sucks. Anyways, ive read people's scars filling in after a year or two. For deeper ones, it took more years obviously. But some people's scars dont fill in but maybe that's because it's too deep or they arent good healers (genetics). Nevertheless, even deep scars fade a bit over time. Although, for old people, it only gets worse cause their skin's ability to produce collagen decreases and their elasticity, etc. decreases. So you're lucky your yo
  9. Sorry but this is a load of rubbish. Scars are called scars because they are permanent and can only be improved/removed with surgery. Perhaps you are confusing red marks with scars. Red marks are not scars in general and do fade away up to a year or more after the causing acne has subsided To the OP. The word "superficial" is very subjective. A surgeon I visited was very hesitant to perform on me as he thought my scars were very superficial. You can check my topic history if you want to see p
  10. Funny that you should say that. People on here usually say that it's better in the morning and worse in the evening. The reason that this would be the case is due to the movement of fluid downwards in your body over the day. In your case it's almost certainly the lighting you're in.
  11. Because the only treatments I can find in Ireland for my type of scarring are lasers and fillers. From reading experiences on this forum, lasers don't seem to do much if anything for scarring.
  12. Hi all. I was wondering if anybody on here had any experience with temporary fillers and rolling scars? Or if somebody could provide a link to some more information or experiences. I know that with temporary fillers like hyaluronic acid that you got to get it topped up 2/3 times a year, but that sounds preferable to surgical solutions that may or may not help or even cause more problems. I've also heard that rolling scars are the best type of scar candidate for this treatment. Any help
  13. I have to agree with the other posters. If you have the same attitude in life as in your post, then people are gonna hate your guts whether or not you have scars.
  14. It's impossible to tell from that picture if you have scarring or not. Although from what i can see your skin looks fine. Try getting a few close ups that aren't blurry if you can.
  15. A picture in some harsh lighting would better help people here determine if lasers would suit you. From what i've heard, lasers are most effective for shallow scarring. Lasers seem to smooth the overall appearance rather than raise up deeper scars.