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  1. Ive been taking zinc too. It has worked very well for me to heal the spots. If i was u I would keep taking it. One thing u should check tho, look at the ingredients and make sure it doesnt contain hydrogenated vegetable oil. This is a major cause of blocked pores and has bad effects on ur whole body. I've recently seen the zinc tables that my sis takes and they contain it, so be careful. Maybe the fact that some zinc tables contain hydrogenated veg oil is the difference between the zinc doing g
  2. If u go to The Body Shop, they sell eye cream which reflects light and makes that part of ur skin look light but still with good relation to the rest of ur skin. Ive also heard that many creams dont do much for dark circles but this1 hides them so it does work.
  3. damn, u lot dont eat as healthy as i thought u do I thought i was eating bad food Breakfast: musli + rice milk or oat meal, green tea, sometimes fruit supplements Lunch: salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olive oil) + bread french or brown or salmon + salad cream + olive oil over french/brown bread or tuna + salad cream + oilve oil over french/brown bread or baked beans + french/brown bread Afternoon breakfast: musli + rice milk, oatmeal Dinner: same as lunch snacks: musli, nuts, fruits, ve
  4. I know that using all these face washes full of chemicals can be bad for u. So I'm looking for one which is the most natural (least bad stuff used) and ofcourse cost effective. I know there are 100% natural face washes which go to the extremes by having to make them on ur own or spend a fortune to buy it. What I'm looking for is something in between. A face wash which has useful ingredients (aloe vera, vitamin e, vitamin b5, tea tree oil, etc.) at a good price. PS. I've started the topic in thi
  5. yeah I was wondering about this too. The lemon acid for cooking u get in botles from the shop are acidic which would mean it helps? Is the acidity which helps?
  6. I'm expecting the quality of flaxmeal to be bad, full of mercury and other bad stuff flaxmeal can have. Think about it, chicken eat what they're given plus producers need to make some profit of it and they wont give the chicken something good. They'll use the cheapest stuff they can get their hands on. Eggs dont have such things naturally so why bother, buy some quality omega-3 sources.
  7. Breakfast: Oatmeal or Miusli (sp?), Fruits, Tea (Wholewheat) Pasta + Sauce (Brown) Rice + Sauce Salad: lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber (whatever veg I find) + lots of olive oil and vinegar (I sometimes add tuna or salmon) + lots of bread After workout meal: Tuna/salmon + salad cream + olive oil + bread Snacks: oatmeal, fruits, fruit juice, veggies (carrots) Thats about it I'm bored of these meals and I need something new, post some .
  8. This is a great topic. All these things u've talked about kimmyd do seem true and I'm trying to follow the right diet (no hydrogenated oils etc..) but I can't get kefir. I have not had any flushes yet and I have idd seen improvemenst. Is there an alternative to kefir? Organic yogurt? I will look more into the flushes. Pls keep us posted kimmyd, well done
  9. LabGirl81 I think it is better if you keep things the same (keep your job) and let things relax as much as possible. For your stress levels there is nothing than yoga. It is well known across the whole world to relieve stress and make you relax. When ur relaxed and stress free there is nothing u cant deal with. Me personally do yoga 3 times a week and at stressful sitiations (when I'm at home). U dont even have to be in good shape to do it. Performing the basic Sun Salutation exercises and the
  10. eyelashes is a genetics thing. Ok if u take vitamins that help with hair in general its expected they'd get stronger and longer but not in a noticable way.
  11. U can't not LOL when u hear something like that.
  12. Actually Sodium Laureth Sulfate is one of the gentler detergents companies use in their products. Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate - very, very, harsh Ammonium Laureth Sulfate- very harsh but better than the above Sodium Lauryl Sulfate- better than the above, but still a little harsh Sodium Laureth Sulfate-gentle, great pick TEA lauryl Sulfate-good pick TEA Laureth Sulfate-good pick I've found such chemicals in most of the products I use except in Garnier Fortifying Shampoo. There may be some others.
  13. Yes sounds like u have a problem with milk. Try milk alternatives such as soya milk and rice milk, or lactose free milk.
  14. hiimrb I know what u mean. Trying to bodybuild and be acne free is not an easy task. When I was seriously bodybuilding, I had a huge intake of whole milk, white bread and many other high protein foods this had a serious effect on my skin. Now when I try to eat the healthy stuff for my skin and try to get enough protein, it just doesnt work. Right now I've cut out all dairy foods which were the best source of protein for me, but I only get half as much as protein I need to keep my muscles growin