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  1. piding

    Acne Cleared In One Month

    After using the Regimen consistently for one month, my acne cleared up. I found out the cause of my acne which is the irritation from trying to keep my face too clean. I avoided using mechanical scrub & used the Regimen In the morning & night. I am very pleased with the results. I had the acne for a year due to irritation. My acne scars are barely visible and are lightening up everyday. Goodbye acne:)
  2. piding

    My Acne After Two Weeks

    Hello Everyone, I'm 39 years old female. I never had acne until I turned 38. I have a very sensitive and dry skin. I never used makeup except lipstick. My breakout started a year ago when I started switching my moisturizers from one to the other. I got too carried away with the products I watched on TV that I wanted to try each one after the other. Also, I irritated my skin by using the mechanical scrub brush similar to the Clarisonic. The irritation continued as I put concealer on my pimple