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  1. hehehehe "glazing the old turkey" I've never heard that before. quite amusing
  2. Thank you guys so much! I will talk to my derm first and from most of your responses, I feel much relief. Its hard to choose between ending the viscious cycle of cysts on your face versus painful bones pushing through your mouth
  3. I am starting accutane soon. However, I MUST get my wisdom teeth removed ASAP. They are hurting very badly and causing my teeth to scrunch together. The dentist said that from my wisdom teeth pushing against my molars, they could rot. Is it okay to get oral surgery while on accutane?? I won't be going back to my derm for another month, so any input would be great from you guys..
  4. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you had such luck with it. I SHOULD have already begun my first dose. But Ipledge is the biggest pain in the ass. My pharmacy still can't get authorized to give me the meds after 4 days! Hopefully though, I will get it soon. Did you have any side effects? I know most everyone is different (except dry lips and skin). I'm more worried about the serious stuff, like severe depression. I was diagnosed with it as a young teen (not that severe). I'm very scared I could ge
  5. I've taken antidepressants. Mostly when I was around the age of 15. If you go see a psychiatrist, don't let them automatically say 'you have depression, you need to take antidepressants." I think you should at least try to overcome this without pills first. Just someone putting things into perspective for you can make you feel so much better. Then, if you must resort to the pills, do so. My experience with them was okay. They made me feel happy. I was able to do much more when I was on them. H
  6. My advice...don't SHOW that your nervous. try as hard as you can. Anytime I go out with a guy, if he's super nervous, I can tell and its a total turnoff. AND be yourself. Girls can tell when youre faking. Confidence is one of the most attractive things. If you have it or if you can psyche yourself up to be totally in control, you have a REALLY good chance at having a wonderful date. Good luck!
  7. AAGHHH!! I have the SAME DAMN PROBLEM!! my neck always looks more yellow. No matter what foundation I use. I currently use Fair from EM...not a perfect match, kinda not even close..too dark. and fairly light is too pink and golden fair isn't all that great. I just try and put the makeup on my neck too and then not worry about it. but its still aggravating.
  8. quick question..do you have to have a password before you get your first prescription?? Cause if so, they have failed to send me one and I should begin accutane by saturday
  9. I've had this problem for so long! Do you use a washcloth?? If not, then you should. Not only does it scrub off the dead skin cells more efficiently, but it washes away all the makeup. You can use whatever cleanser you like with it. I use cetaphil and Eucerin redness relief. I just started this a few days ago and my skin feels smooth like a babys butt!
  10. tell him that you know where he can shove that doxycycline. if he doesn't want to give you accutane, find a new derm. maybe if you state your location in this world, others might recommend a dr. in your area that isn't afraid to do his job: HELP PEOPLE
  11. what do you have to do to be able to go 3x a day?..other than eat a bunch of "greens." I don't like that option.
  12. Yeah, I eat chocolate like theirs no tomorrow and milk is part of my everyday diet (although I've heard about people curing their acne from cutting it out). I'm not really thinking that greasy foods cause acne...but I am very glad I don't eat it anymore...its not really food. However, I am clearing up quite a bit so I will continue to not eat hamburgers and french fries just for the sake of my body.
  13. Even though I am a girl, when I had bangs, my forehead broke out badddd. BUT I fixed it without chopping my hair. At night (and you may not think this is hot) Wear a headband. If you put it on with your hair pulled back away from your face it will keep your hair off of your face when you are sleeping. It completely got rid of my forehead acne for good. You might give it a try. (it took a few weeks for me)