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  1. Visine does work. Porn stars recommend it for ingrown hairs (and they would know). And you put it in your EYE, for gods sake, the most sensitive membrane on your body! Of course it won't irritate your skin. It works like everyone else says it does, constricting the blood vessels... in the eye or wherever else you decide to put it.
  2. "Dermablend® Quick-Fix® gives you the same high quality coverage as our Cover Crème, in a convenient lipstick case. Instantly conceals dark under-eye circles and small imperfections such as age spots, acne and scars. " - Dermablend.com I assume most people here use the cover creme, it's the most opaque. Frankly, I think you got ripped off. You get a .2 oz tube for $18, that you can get in a 1 oz tub for $26? The tubs last forever and a half by the way. If you have the receipt, excha
  3. Nars has really popular blushes. Orgasm is supposed to be the most natural, peachy glow you can get. They say it works on all skin colors, but a lot of asians have said that it looks too orange on them? So if you have asian skin then maybe you'd want to try another color. I have bought some of their eyeshadows and I know how nice their powders are. Very fine powder, with glitter in it, but you feel absolutely no chunks. Pricey though, $22 a pot.
  4. Foundation, powder and then eyeshadow? So you're applying your shadow, which is a CREAM, over already dried makeup? That's what I meant by applying something wet over something dry. It doesn't work out. It always looks heavy and horrible. I also wanted to add, if you set your eyeshadow, and you want to touch up later, you can't. Not with more wet eyeshadow, it will cake. But what you can try is, if you see a small flaw and don't want to do the WHOLE lid over, use a q-tip and vaseline on the
  5. No I mean after the shadow. WHen you apply cream foundation you don't put the powder on BEFORE. You can't put wet stuff overy dry stuff, it won't apply evenly. It'll just cake, and you'll end up with more shadow on your finger than on your face.
  6. I have this problem too. I would say I am an obsessive personality, and stress triggers my picking. What helps me is not looking in mirrors. I do my makeup when I have to go out, but otherwise I will not look in a mirror. Also, going cold turkey is hard. Start small, say, I will pick only 5 flaws today. That way you have to prioritize which ones are the worst, and leave the small ones that will heal anyway alone! Once you feel comfortable with this and you are not cheating, go down by one until
  7. You need to set any cream with a powder. The problem with this is, no matter how translucent the power is, it may change the color of the eyeshadow. I use a translucent setting powder that looks white in the bottle, and some of that always shows up in my foundation. But try it anyway, the difference may not be that big.
  8. Actually, I think some foundations can be drying. Or at least FEEL drying on the skin. Some have alcohol in them, actually, I think the stuff that was preserving my old sample was a mild alcohol. Anyway, Dermablend is heavily pigmented. It's used for everything that needs opaque coverage. You can apply it with a lighter hand and it can look very natural. You can order a sample from skinstore.com, and mix and match. Make sure it looks right in daylight. Oh, and they also make liquids I think, the
  9. Well the reason I object to the ground up seed exfoliants is because when you grind up seeds, they aren't uniform. There are sharp bits, no matter how well you grind them up. I have an abrasive face scrub by Mario Badescu that is absolutely divine, but it has almonds in it. I can feel them scratching the surface of my skin when I apply it. When you use your fingers, or a towel, there aren't any sharp bits. It doesn't exfoliate to the point of being raw, because there is so little abrasion that i
  10. Holy mother of god. How long were you on the steroids to get to that stage, and why didn't you stop before it became that severe? Most people here would stop breathing air if they thought it gave them pimples (or at least breathe less of it). Heck, I know people who swear off certain foods for life if they get 1 - 2 pimples the next day, which may not even be related. What was so important that you decided to keep taking them?
  11. That's really weird. It usually moisturizes my face. Which kind are you using? I use the cover creme, but they also make some liquids. I've also tried the old formula of cover creme, I got it as a sample in a little foil bag. It was really DIFFERENT to the stuff I have now. Kind of drying, more wet going on, just strange. Maybe you have the old stuff? I don't know. If you need to get rid of flakes see my post on How to prepare your face for makeup, GET RID OF THE FLAKES!
  12. Well yes, everyone notices that I have a cover on. I do a full fleged face cover though, and when I'm done my face looks like a dolls (i.e. not natural, but flawless). I also do lipstick, eyeliner, and shadow. I'm usually complimented on my makeup (in fact it is the thing I am most complimented on). The other day my doctor's nurse kept asking about my eyeshadow. So, even though it's obvious, I make it seem like it's part of my *look.* I have only once been insulted, my friend said "wow that pimp
  13. I have used this as well. It doesn't break me out but it doesn't seem to do anything for my skin either. I used it faithfully for a long time but I was unsatisfied with how ORANGE I looked in daylight. Eventually I switched to Dermablend which I always thought was for burn victims, but it's great and covers as much as you want it to.
  14. I have tried it, it's fine. It works like my other cleanser, Murad Clarifying Cleanser, but without the benefit of taming my skin.
  15. Okay, I just wanted to say that you have no reason to be embarrassed. Makeup is for everyone, men should stop being sissys about it. If anyone asks you, say you are fighting for equality among the sexes, lol. Now, the best makeup I have ever found in terms of color matching is Dermablend. What you need to do is order a sample from the skinstore.com, and try each of them or mixtures on your face. Remember to check yourself in daylight! Many makeups look natural in warm artificial light but are