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  1. im going to pick this up from the body shop today: http://thebodyshop.com/bodyshop/browse/pro...goryId=cat30030 what do you guys think?
  2. Ive searched at walgreens and couldnt find anything. What should i be looking for??? Im guessing itll have to be something delicate...
  3. fapper2


    sorry but this has got to be the funniest picture ive seen on the gallery. I laughed for a good minute. Thanks
  4. havent shaved in the past 3 years. I use a beard trimmer and keep stubble..makes me look hotter anyways
  5. im 19 and got braces about 4 months back. I went with the clear ceramic braces but the wire is still silver. You cant tell im wearing braces from 5 feet away. My teeth are getting straight really quick--cant wait to get these off. Also my ortho gave me a sonicare electric toothbrush saying that they do a great job cleaning around braces....so yea, use an electric pulsating brush, NOT the kinds that rotate.
  6. actually the worst ones are those on the bridge of your nose. It is HORRIBLE when you can turn your eyes left/right and see a mountain of a pimple in your peripheral vision. It just keeps your reminded that you have acne
  7. temples and the area parallel to your sideburns. Those two areas take forever to heal and the pimple hardly ever comes to a head
  8. your only 14 you should focus on your studies. The boy just wants to get into your pants like any other horney middle schooler.
  9. BEST: I'm taking you to a movie tomorrow. Whats your number?
  10. You should have told them that they are fat. You can traumatize a girl that way. Also based off of personal experience if you call a girl a "happyflowers" she will freak out.
  11. When i went to the drugstore i noticed they have 2 versions of this lotion - Day and Night. I think the only difference is that they use sunscreen in the day one. Being short of money I only purhcased the day one...can i still use this at night or is it bad to do so??
  12. you look beautiful. I hope it works for whatever acne you may have
  13. i love the st. ives apricot scrub. I use it day and night 7 days a week. I dont get any redness at all and my face looks so refreshed afterwards. This one time i switched to a regular cleanser and i broke out horribly. I guess it just depends on the person.
  14. hmm ok. Compliments always make me feel better. We are our worst critics when it comes to our skin problems. Try not letting it get to you.
  15. cheeks are the worst as they tend to scar and get red after the pimples go away. I also hate painful acne. You know the wrinkle that naturally forms around your lips when you smile? Well thats the most painful spot for me--prevents me from smiling sometimes
  16. I dont let it get to me. This one time I had like 4 cysts on my neck but i still did my everday things. I think my shyness affects me more than my acne when it comes to social things . Im getting over that however. Ive been meeting lots of new people and making new friends latley.
  17. how bad is your acne? Is it severe? Can you please post a pic? Everyone is beautiful in one way or another.