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  1. im going to pick this up from the body shop today: http://thebodyshop.com/bodyshop/browse/pro...goryId=cat30030 what do you guys think?
  2. Ive searched at walgreens and couldnt find anything. What should i be looking for??? Im guessing itll have to be something delicate...
  3. fapper2

    My pharmacist is HOT!

    How often do you go to the pharmacy?
  4. what if you take a picture of your reflection in the mirror???
  5. fapper2

    I Feel Like Giving Up

    hi amanda do you have any pics of your acne?
  6. judging by your pics you dont even have acne
  7. fapper2

    How often do you shave?

    havent shaved in the past 3 years. I use a beard trimmer and keep stubble..makes me look hotter anyways
  8. fapper2

    Braces suck

    im 19 and got braces about 4 months back. I went with the clear ceramic braces but the wire is still silver. You cant tell im wearing braces from 5 feet away. My teeth are getting straight really quick--cant wait to get these off. Also my ortho gave me a sonicare electric toothbrush saying that they do a great job cleaning around braces....so yea, use an electric pulsating brush, NOT the kinds that rotate.
  9. fapper2

    Not shaving has been beneficial

    He said not shaving HELPED him.
  10. fapper2

    Betty's Accutane Log with Photos

    wow you have hot eyeballs
  11. actually the worst ones are those on the bridge of your nose. It is HORRIBLE when you can turn your eyes left/right and see a mountain of a pimple in your peripheral vision. It just keeps your reminded that you have acne
  12. temples and the area parallel to your sideburns. Those two areas take forever to heal and the pimple hardly ever comes to a head
  13. your only 14 you should focus on your studies. The boy just wants to get into your pants like any other horney middle schooler.
  14. BEST: I'm taking you to a movie tomorrow. Whats your number?