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  1. Thank you kindly Crank92! That really cleared things up! Sorry for any spelling mistake and for asking too many things! but iam not aware of these things as iam quite a beginner in this field! have a good one pal
  2. @Crank92 One question in regards of sprinting.. I usually do 15 to 20 set of 6-8 second burst sprint.. Should i rest between each sprint for a some seconds? or just walking back is enough? I usually sprint walk back and then i start my next sprint i think is ok ish't it matE? I dont think that only squats and deadlift help but also overhead press, bench press, rows, weightened muscle ups/weightened Chin/pull ups .
  3. @Cranck How long have you been lifting? I dont feel fatigue/depression either. however, sometimes i have hard time get aroused but maybe it's all in my head or maybe is because i haven't fapped in 90 days and probably iam on flatline. Iam gonna email you soon enough to get that Research Also, in the morning i always wake up qwith crazy mood like i want to dance, with other words i feel just fine, iam gonna have my blood test once again because my endo said my results is surely false because i
  4. Dubya_B Hey mate and thank you for your respond! So let me get this straight, assuming that i hit the gym and reduce my bodyfat and gain some muscle mass , e2 wont go down? As far as i know the more bodyfat you loose the more e2 goes down right? E2 goes down then testo goes up.. As far as the symptoms goes.. i haven't seen any symptoms since the day i finished the two month treatment, i can't really tell you about how my libido is it because i haven't fapped in 80 days other than that i do hav
  5. Hello everyone guys.. I will make my background really short.. Iam 24 years old , 4,5 years ago i was on accutane for two months (The First month 10mg 5mg in the morning 5 mg at night) (The 2nd month 20mg 10mg in the morning and 10 at night ) After all these post and Reports that i have seen all over the Internet i decided a couple days ago to have my hormones checked just for the sake of my curiosity. I just came back and the results aint good briefly E2 37.52 (Normal Levels 7.63
  6. dunno mate.. if i was you i would have started accutane on low dose by now... If big pores are bad? Yes to an extent.. Big pores tend to cause breaks out because can be clogged pretty easy since oil and dirt can get in easier. That's why if you search arround the net almost everyone searching tricks to shrink them. which is 100% impossible to change your pores' size. other than that.. make your face look uneven : P I too had Red marks and i can assure you that once you are done with accutane u
  7. What's ur skin type? I have oily skin and iam using Effaclar MAT, it never get shiny..
  8. And above all, keep your hair off your face.. unless you want to make your acne worse than it is..
  9. I occasianaly get pimples on my back.. Cold showers has been great way to get rid most of them Give it a go
  10. Aknof soap mate, keep it on your face for 3-4 minutes and u gonna get dry skin as hell.. By the way.. what you want to dry out your face for? As far as iam concerned, any soap can dry out your face as long as you keep it on your face for 5 or so minutes and finish off with cold water .
  11. I had been using it a lot before i tried Accutane, and as far as i remember my skin was dry in the spot which i had applied BP on so yeah it worked just fine for me.. Maybe you gotta try another product and see what's gonna happen mate! Keep us posted. The gel that i used to apply is "Indoxyl" Try it , it's pretty strong and it helped me a lot for as long as i had been using it! It's expensive though..
  12. Do tell us mate.. Which product you have been using these two past weeks? Name it..
  13. Dont bother to scrub it.. Just put aloe vera for a week or so and during that week just exfoliate with sugar+water and then apply aloe vera after the exfoliation (Exfoliate 3 times a week) How you exfoliate? Wash ur face with ur cleanser to make sure that u are gonna exfoliate a clean skin then dry your fingers(make sure that you have rinse some warm water to ur skin in order to open your pores, your skin needs to be wet to exfoliate properly) Take sugar and make circular moves all ove
  14. I have made a similar topic a couple weeks ago, what i did is applying aloe vera gel twice a day.. In just a week the entire dead skin was gone.. Be sure that after get your NEW skin to moisturize it twice a day.. I have oily skin and iam using Effaclar mat moisturizer.. It is the best moisturizer for me and it Works perfect ! It doesh't make my skin dry and i dont get any oi