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  1. Okay, so I ordered a few products from the acne.org store (moisturizer, jojoba oil, the AHA+, and the benzoyl peroxide) and was super excited when I saw the package on my doorstep yesterday. I live on the East Coast, and currently it is freezing here with lots of snow and ice on the ground. As I excitedly cut open the box, I realized that every product I had ordered was FROZEN SOLID. the jojoba oil looked like a yellow mass! I let all the products thaw out and they have all returned to their nat
  2. gorgeous! nice skin. how did you acheive these awesome results ? and i was prescribed retin-a for my minor scarring and breakouts, but i'm still afraid to use it. how exactly do you apply it ? thanks!
  3. harriet winslow


    tell me that's sand all over the floor. that place is absolutely amazing.
  4. dude, no way ! that's awesome, it looks awesome. did your parents go with you to get it done, or did you get it done without their permission ?
  5. well your not exactly flushed, but you do have tons of gorgeous smeared all over your face.
  6. harriet winslow

    before pic.jpg

    wow. it's not bad at all. it looks like you have no active pimples, just red marks. those can be faded by skipping moisturizer at night and putting on 100 % aloe vera. hope the regimen works for you ! you're a good looking kid.
  7. harriet winslow


    dangggg girl ! what kind of make-up do you use ? your skin looks great with it on. btw, love your track jacket. brown&blue <3
  8. hey there, i'm sorry to hear about it not getting better. remember, we are our own worst critics. a few suggestions, remember, they are just suggestions i'm not pushing you into anything. 1) i recently also just switched to eucerin lotion from using the cetaphil brand, in hopes that it would combat the dry skin. eucerin alone made my dry skin even worse. i find the two together work wonderfully. spread the eucerin on first, on especially dry areas (chin, around lips, etc) and then spread the
  9. harriet winslow


    you look absolutely amazing. i'm so happy just to see you clear, it gives me hope. keep on keepin' on ! ps. stick with the long hair, it suits you well. :] love the plugs !
  10. because saying the 'n' word makes you that much cooler. go listen to some fall out boy in your checkered vans and discuss with your friends about how much you hate your life. have a nice day now.