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  1. Tonbon

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Im gonna start avc cause im off bp now and well i just have red marks. and for some reason before people were saying wash off the avc, im gonna try leaving it on.
  2. I've never had forehead breakouts till i switched to CSR cleanser...so i just switched back to cetaphile...that was working for me no idea while i switched. Product loyalty
  3. I've never had forehead breakouts till i switched to CSR cleanser...so i just switched back to cetaphile...that was working for me no idea while i switched. Product loyalty
  4. the gentle cleanser bar worked for me...i tried dans cleanser but it made me break out...the cetaphile gel is crap too. Im going back to the cleanser bar by cetaphile today
  5. I recently got acne last semester mostly because of stress i dont have anymore acne should i try a couple days and see whats what...I have some red marks i want to heal faster. I've never had acne till like 6 months ago and im 19
  6. anyone else try this?
  7. im doing twice a day right now...and i've heard bp slows down the healing and i think it does, cause places a i dont but bp on heal faster
  8. Tonbon

    Tonbon's Log

    Well I recieved my CSR gel really quickly i think 4 days or something. Any who, went today and picked up my refill of minoclycine pills, i think they are working with the deep and large zits. Im gonna give CSR a shot I hope it works for me. One thing is i'll use it 2x a day cause before the neutrogena BP made me look ghostly so i'd only use it at night after a while. Also i changed moisturizers to a neutrogena healthy skin something or other, that says its light and less oily. My skin was way to
  9. Tonbon

    Tonbon's Log

    Almost at the one month mark... IM SO HAPPY! WOOT WOOT. I havent had a zit in about a week. I started Delina Regimen to tackle to stupid red marks. So far its working, everything is fading. I have been very good this time around on the regimen. I do the steps even when im over at someone elses house. Im very proud of myself i even put on stuff when im drunk, which is hard to do. Dan's CSR gel kicks Neutrogena in the ass, everything fades in well and its so much more economical. I stopped pickin
  10. So i had these white heads last night 3 of them, they were huge and they hurt and it sucked basically. So i was desperate, i wanted to put some toothpaste and dry those bad boys out, i figured it couldn't get any worse. I was right. Normally my white heads take forever to go away, but after one day of being huge i put on colgate toothpaste. The coolest part is i have the stuff with peroxide and baking soda, the ultimate killers! Its like bp for your teeth, well not really but anyways, give it a
  11. Tonbon

    Bye bye white heads in one day!

    haha...also dont sleep on that side
  12. When i put BP on at night and then sleep on my face i notice that my skin look 10x better. Does my pillow like pat down my face so its not all shiny or something... why is this?
  13. Tonbon

    Tonbon's Log

    yay my white heads dissapeared thanks to some tooth paste and now its the healing time, my face looked so much better today.
  14. They are whiteheads now and i want them to go away
  15. but as soon as i take a shower and put on bp my skin looks back to normal
  16. Tonbon

    Tonbon's Log

    its finals week and i have a couple zits but thats to be expects. Im stayin strong on the regimen
  17. Tonbon


    have your red spots faded or is that partly because of make-up ?
  18. Tonbon

    Tonbon's Log

    I had a little break out the other day. But so far its been pretty mild. Im sure it was only because of Finals Week. Once summer starts im sure i'll relax in the sun and my face will get better. All i know is that im glad i switched to CSR zits are fading and the face is getting better. I wish this AHA would work faster!... I love Dan's BP its given me hope, even though the results are pretty slow so far. Still an improvement!
  19. So here is the thing, i think the neutro moisturizer was making me orange, cause everytime it would sting i would turn red even when i was on OTS. So im a little orange, so im using cetaphil moisturizer which doesnt' sting so i hope this helps with the orange color. I stopped puting csr on my neck cause i dont really need it there that bad and well it was getting really red. Also im gonna try aloe on my neck and see if that helps. cause my skin is dry too... But the good news is that my acne i
  20. Tonbon

    Tonbon's Log

    its been 5 days and i can already see my acne fadeing, My skin is dry and im a little red but all is well.
  21. I fucking know im breaking out, telling me is gonna make it worse...i want clear skin!
  22. what did i start lol spoke with the parentals beforei posted this, they dont say anything anymore...its nice not to think about it
  23. Tonbon

    Extremely frustrated

    Im getting that now, like people are saying to me "wow your tan!"...just today this happend, I think the neutro moisture is stinging and irratating my skin, im going to switch tonight and see whats what.
  24. Tonbon

    Stinging from the moisturizer

    I am using Neutrogena as well im starting to experience stinging im gonna go get cetaphil moisturizer tonight
  25. I was on neutrogina BP then just switched to CSR, I am noticing that some zits are coming up and some zits are coming to a white head... is this supposed to be happening? I know this happends to some people but what about people that have been using neutrogina already? How long did you experience this? should i change my moisturizer or what?