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  1. I'm 14 and probably had acne for about a year on and off but I'm seems I've had it for ages... I've tried various oral antibiotics like tetralysal and erymax, and creams such as duac (Which did clear me up a little) adapelene (which did nothing..) and epiduo (which is benzoyl peroxide) which I'm on now with the erymax.. I scar really badly for example the acne on my left has been there for about 6 months I'd say
  2. Do you think I should?? I've tried pretty much everything else and my self esteem is extremely low
  3. Hey, I'm max and I'm 14. I've had acne since I was about 13 and it has always been pretty mild. I want to know what happening in my mind... I NEVER look in the mirror and if I do it had to bee from a distance or with very low lighting. I'm extremely self conscious and when I speak to people they have to be on my right hand side (I have a patch of acne from where I broke out about 6 months ago) If I miss a dose of my medication I get really nervous and I ALWAYS have to put on benzoyl peroxi