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  1. After 6 months of sotret accutane my face is about 99% clear. Great news right?! Well the reason I took accutane in the first place was almost purely for my back. My face had the occasional small break out (and yes those are completely gone), but my back was a lot worse, and unfortunately accutane didn't help
  2. Most protein shakes contain 1000% percent of your "daily value" of vitamin A. Just some food for thought
  3. Asperin is salicylic acid!!!!! You shouldn't be using that, and it could actually be bad for you in the long run of tane. I can't believe you can even handle that actually, after a few weeks of accutane SA hurt sooooooooo much! And OP, think of it like this........ accutane is treating you from the inside to out, don't push back by going outside to in. See what I mean? You might get break outs through your whole time on tane..... or you might not! I works different for everyone but it rea
  4. So yall remember the aspirin mask??? Well it's the same thing with accutane!! Put the accutane in a cup of water! ( i do one pill of 80mg) Next, squish the pill in till it dissolves in the cup! And finally smear a good amount EVERYWHERE on your face! INSTANT RESULTS!! CLEAR IN 2 DAYS!!!! Just trying to make yall laugh
  5. What about a asprin mask? I've used like 10 in the last week lol. They tend to help for a while but i keep breaking out 4 months into tane!
  6. Cool theres hope! After 4 1/2 months I'm still getting NEW break outs. Is that normal??? Maybe my results will come once I stop taking the tane?
  7. Uhh bump bump lol Also. I was out in the sun today and had ONE beer with a buddy, my "actives" got alot redder :/ was that because of the sun or the beer???
  8. I know your not suppose to drink while your on accutane. But next weekend is my buddies birthday and I'm obligated to party up at his college with him. Were talking one week from tomorrow. Should I STOP taking the accutane like one or two days before I go up there and resume when I get back?? Should I stop taking it RIGHT NOW. Should I say screw it and take it when I'm up there???? I'll be drinking alot friday, saturday, and sunday. What do you think?
  9. So SA is ok then. Think I have some left... should I stop applying my old Dans BP??
  10. Swab thats same kind I'm taking. And i take 40mg morning and night.
  11. 3 1/2 months into tane treatment. I have BP on my face right now because I just had a horrible break out and it needs to go away RIGHT NOW. It burns like a bit*h though. Anything I can put on it that will help but not work against the accutane?