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  1. My face has been clear as of this week and I'd like to keep it that way. I know sweating is the reason why I still break out. I've mentioned that I wash my face before I work out, but with just water. Should I at least wash with Dan's Cleanser instead of just using water before working out? After working out, I'll take a shower and follow up with the Regimen.
  2. I see... thanks. I'll just use it every other day.
  3. I just wanted to bump this back up. I'm curious as to why using AHA every night is a bad idea.
  4. Now this makes me think... what are the drawbacks to using AHA everyday?
  5. I'd still suggest starting out only using it a few times a week. You don't really need to exfoliate every day, and the AHA is pretty strong stuff. Not everybody feels stinging with AHA. That doesn't mean that it's not working; it just means that you're lucky. ; ) So would I eventually make it everyday in about a month for example? I do still have scars, so I figured the AHA would help take care of that.
  6. I actually just received my first order of AHA this past week. I've been on the regimen for close to a year now (Dec. 08). What I've been doing as of lately, is apply in the morning (dan's cleanser,BP,moisturizer) then at night i'll do the same, except i'll replace Dan's moisturizer with the AHA and use that as my moisturizer. Since I've been on the regimen for so long, does every this other day procedure apply to me? I've also noticed that the AHA is not burning my skin. I saw on Dan's video t
  7. depends what type of razor you're using. if you use an electric shaver, then technically you shave against the grain and in a circular motion.
  8. i'm a 23 male, and for me it has to be with shaving. one week my face is looking great. next thing i know, i'm breaking out. it's a cycle and it sucks.
  9. Funny uou mention that, I work in an office about 8+ hours 5 days a week. Every night I come home, I have a few new pimples and I'm extremely greasy. It's definitely from shaving, but how the hell do i stop this from happening?
  10. pick up the clean and clear oil wipes. they work wonders.
  11. i agree with this. you'll know when it's ready to be popped. i feel that when you finally pop it, it looks so much better than it did as a bumpy whitehead.
  12. i feel as though sweating with the BP is worse since it burns and irritates the skin. would you guys agree? that's why i wash my face before i go to the gym and when i go home i'll take my 2nd shower of the day and apply for the night. also when i shower, i don't know if anyone else does this, but i don't let the water hit my face from the showerhead. i actually just palm it and gently wash off the sweat/last night's application.
  13. I'm trying to really crack down on every aspect as possible as to finding out why i'm still breaking out. this relates to switching to an electric shaver from the traditional 2 blade razors to my diet. (i've been on the regimen for over 7 months) I apply every morning and then go to work. after work, around 6-7 i'll head to the gym. but before i go to the gym, i'll wash my face with just water to remove the BP because it burns if i sweat. when i get back, i'll shower for the 2nd time and do my
  14. i'm going to start using an electric shaver and shave everyday. we'll see how that goes as oppose to the traditional 2 blade razor. i hope this works.
  15. I'm still struggling with the shaving situation. I used to shave everyday and now i'm doing once every 2 days and i am still breaking out. How do you use the electric razor? Do you wash your face and then shave? And after that you apply the BP? Please let me know how you go about this because I'd love to know. Thanks