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  1. erinann94

    Week 4

    I have been on the regimen for about 4 weeks now and my progress has started to slow down. My face is still pretty clear with maybe one to no pimples on my face which is great! The dry skin issue I was having isn't nearly as bad as it used to be thank goodness!! On the other hand though I am having trouble with these dark spots where acne used to be. Since starting the regimen the red/dark spots are staying longer than they used to. I was wondering if anyone knew when they would start to go away
  2. erinann94

    Week 3

    Okay so its my third week on The Regimen. Around this time last week I was suffering from dry, flakey skin but with the help of my amazing Neutrogena power scrub and moisturizer I was able to get ride of the flakey skin within 2 or 3 days. Yay! Well my victory was short lived because my dry skin has come back in patches. I have a feeling I am going to be fighting dry skin for a while. Out of the cleanser, treatment, and moisturizer in the regimen kit I feel that the cleanser is the most drying o
  3. erinann94

    Week Number 2

    Okay so my last entry I was experiencing dry, flakey skin due to the over dying cleanser and treatment from the regimen. I am getting close to the middle of my second and week and I wanted to update you on how my skin is doing. To fix my dry, flakey skin I started to exfoliate once a day (usually at night) with my acne stress control power scrub from Neutrogena and then moisturizing with my Neutrogena oil free lotion. On top of that I also reduced my regimen usage to once a day right before bed
  4. erinann94

    Week Number 1

    Being a girl about to turn 20 in a few weeks I am very excited to not only leave my teen years behind me but my acne too. I have done a lot of research about different products and treatments that claim to be the "miracle" we've all been searching for when it comes to clearing our skin. For starters let me tell you a little bit about my skin. In high school I suffered from mild acne and on top of that I had oily skin. I tried everything from facials to tons of different washes and treatments tha