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  1. im starting tane in 4 weeks, i have lk 1 spot btw......face was kinda mild anyway so i visited a derm, but it cleared up befroe my appointment, still offered me tane though, oh well may aswel take to not break out in future
  2. im pritty reliant on them now, i missed one this one morning, never felt so moody/aggresive towards people in a long time
  3. smear hot sauce on your fingers then go 'pop' one..........then see how much you never wanna do that again
  4. yeah im on them fluxotine, 40mg usualy cheer me up a bit, but i get my days
  5. take a mirror outside and then look, be warned though.....
  6. if its severe go down the accutane path
  7. differs from people to people, however acne isn't 'caused' by stress, it can accelerate it though
  8. *shudders* ..what a scary thought.. EVERY DETAIL yikes.. im gonna pretend that's not true the mirrors suck but the wors reflections are off the actual window itself.....dammm