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  1. There is a body spray that has SA instead of BP and its really nice because it sprays even upside down. Its murad clarifing body spray. You use just one pump after you get out of the shower in the morning and at night will helps to stop clogges pores and breakouts. Its at the web site http://www.murad.com/html/ibeCCtpItmDspRte...0219&item=14446 . It also has Tricolsan which is an anti-bacterial agent.
  2. Unfortuanly although there are all these ways on the market to control acne, there is no cure. If you stop using the product you will break out again.
  3. I think the issue on poping pimples is a hard one... Generaly its not going to be the same as the doctor lancing an infection because you dont have the same steril conditions at home. The same thing goes for the extractions an aestitician does... they have strigent conditions for cleanliness that they have to follow or they would get shut down. Most people dont have the same hyper-clean conditons at their homes. Sometimes if you pop a pimple wrong you can really damage your pores too. You
  4. I would probably suggest that you discontinue the Repair Lotion you are using as the Benzoyl Peroxide is probably what is causing the dryness. If you worried about the Ponds moistuizer I would suggest you do a spot test under your chin and see how your skin reacts. There should not be a problem because the product does not contain lanolin or mineral oils. You can read the ingredients on this product at: http://www.drugstore.com/qxp17109_333181_s...izer_lotion.htm However, that moistui
  5. I like those bottled green teas alot!!! like the Sobe one which also has echinachia which is really good at boosting the immune system. The only problem is it has tons of sugar too... Of course I drink Latte's and soda all the time which isn't better at all. #-o At least the Sobe green tea has lots of vitamins and herbs and stuff
  6. Did you know in Japan there is a suprizingly low occurance of Cancer... even though smoking is just about as common in america. Some scientists atribute this to the antioxidants in green tea. Plus... its yummy
  7. Introvert, Some products that can work for this and are around 15% Vitamin C are: Cellex-C Advanced C Serum = http://www.cellexc.com/ Peter Thomas Roth Power C10 Anti-oxidant Serum Gel = http://www.peterthomasroth.com/peterthomas...od=rejuvenating Murad Essentail-C Daily Renewal Complex = http://www.murad.com/html/ibeCCtpItmDspRte...0179&item=12184 I really like the Murad products because Dr. Murad makes alot of sense in his book and I like to understand what a product is doin
  8. I think by saying AHA wont work for anyone with acne that is a broad generalization. There are so many causes of acne that where it may not work for one person it may work well for another. And not all AHA products are created equal. You also want to look at which products specifically you are using. It may also just be that your allergic to that ingredient. Obviouly not everything will work for everyone but I think that some people (even with severe acne) use AHA's and they work for th
  9. Dear Introvert, The two I mentioned above are really good for even oily skin because they are gel based and wont feel heavy on the skin. Unfortualnly I cant say I have tried tons of moisturizers because I shyed away from them for a very long time, having oily skin myself. So much of finding a product that will work for you is trial and error. You might want to see if there is any sort of return policy for products you try so your not stuck with somthing that doesnt work. I personly
  10. Red marks are a common reaction to acne. This form of scaring can be aggrivated by external forces such as sun exposure. A good way to fight these red marks is by using Antioxidants, internaly and topically. Some powerful and redily available anti-oxidants are Green tea and Vitamin C. However, the most powerful antioxidant I personaly know of is Pomegranate. Topicaly I would suggest a Vitamin C product since these have recently become more common and redily available. The antioxidant in
  11. Dear Introvert, There are some moistuizers that are actually "sealants" that prevent Trans-epidermal water loss and most moistuizers to have a form of a sealant and many good moistuizers contain cerimides that will hold onto water moisture in the skin. However, there are some ingredients, such as Humectants which increase the water content of the top layer of skin will. Common Humectants are Chitosan PCA, Sodium PCA, and glycerin. It is also important to hydrate your body from the insi
  12. Moisturizing is important for even acne prone skin. Even if your skin produces oils it is important to your skin to have water moisture. If skin is dehydrated it will react by creating more oil to compensate. If you find that moistuizing causes you to break out more, your using the wrong moisutizer. You want to make sure to us a moistuizer that is non-comidigenic (wont clog pores) and is oil free. An oil free product can contain some plant oils which will not clog pores but you want to ma
  13. Although Sun exposure can cause your skin to dry a bit it tends to do more harm than good. Things that can happen to your skin while sun bathing are: Inflamation, Redness, damage Aren't these things that you are looking to avoid? Prolonged sun exposure does damage to your skin and does not help to heal acne. Your skin may seem dryer at first but over dryed skin will produce oil to compensate. Damaged skin does not tend to breath well (leading to acne blockages) and damaged cells tend
  14. The thing about products with AHA's is that they speed up exfoliation and allow pimples that are deep in the skin to come to the surface faster and clear up blockages in the pores. cuz the exfoliation speeds up the natural process, it can cause you to break out more at first. If you use an AHA this is really natural and it can last as long as 4 weeks for some people and for some people it wont happen at all. If you are looking into an AHA regimen the key is to stick with it. Also its