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  1. Hi everyone! So my derm put my on Benzaclin 2x/day and Retin A as well. My question is, how would this regimen best be applied? I know benzaclin and retin a aren't supposed to be applied at the same time. I could wash my face and then apply Benzaclin in the morning, then wash my face in the afternoon and apply Benzaclin again, then wash my face at night and apply Retin A, but that seems like alot of face washing which could ultimately irritate my acne/skin. What would you guys do? Th
  2. Hi everyone! So my dermatologist told me NOT to use a clarisonic OR washcloth and that I should only be washing my face with my fingertips. She said anything 'harsher' than the pads of my fingers could cause acne to break open and then the bacteria would be spread over my face and create more/worse acne. Now, I wear some long lasting foundation and I'm wondering how this would come off with just a mild cleanser and my finger tips? What do you guys think?