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  1. I did subcision, dermarolling and PRP and it does work better together. I just think I am too old to regenerate skin now, I think if you're young this will help you greatly. I did all of this by mysel, .. plus thankfully I have a family member who is in medical field that draws my blood then we spin it.
  2. These are awesome results. 50% blah blah... I agree, you can get 100%. I believe it. How? There was a spot on my face that was pretty much 3 large box scar connected. Very deep. After working on them for so long, one of the scars 'disconnected' from others, and healthy tissue regenerated in between. 100% filled in that one area, with pores and everything!! And the one scar is slowly drifting away as this normal tissue is regenerated. If this can be done in one spot over a very deep scar, this c
  3. I just typed a long msg and it disappeared. Okay, 1) Dermarolling 2) TCA cross 3) Peels (x10) All of them 4) Dermabrasion (x2) 5) Light pen therapy 6) Acupuncture 7) Fraxel (x5) 8) Co2 Laser (x2) 9) Pixel laser (x2) 10) Subcision + PRP 11) Saline injections 12) Suction cups 13) Scar gels 14) Serums (all of them) 15) Micro radio Frequency 16) Tria laser 17) Electric current pen 18) DMSO 19) Bellafill fillers I think there is more, can't remember now...
  4. I've been a member of this forum since 2006. And I would give anything to get my 2006 skin back when I had a few pimples that I was complaining about. Right now I don't have acne but I have lots and lots of deep scars all over my face. I think I dropped over 20k$ for treatments and maybe only 25% improvement was achieved in existing scars, but I'd noticed that new ones were created from these harsh treatments. But that's not even what I need to vent about. If you Google acne scars before and
  5. Hey Paul, I am in EXACT same situation as you. I am bloated! Something DID in fact help with my bloating, temporarily! It was: Saccromyces Boulardii probiotic (it's yeast which fight candida!!!). It comes in brands FLORASTOR (found at walmart), or Jarrows? found at any supplement store. The Jarrows is cheaper. Initially, this brought down my bloating and make my skin silky (although still with acne)... it seems not to work anymore. Maybe my candida is mutating, lol.
  6. I ended up not going. I am getting a divorce, he was abusive. Even have police report. I know... I should have been more careful. Not touching scabs, I promise. They are all in tact and I look like a cheetah lol. Thanks Wynne.
  7. I was doing TCA cross, and I think I did it wrong. I was using 100% TCA and I did it on every scar (I have many)... I did this last year on small ice-pick scars all over my face, they improved!!!!!!! and became.. boxcars or something? But I still had scars... then during the last year, I got new ones. The problem is, I think I went overboard. On one my cheeks the scar is peeling and beneath is a deep freaking hole. It's worse than it was before with just a scar. OMG, it's like some major hole
  8. hey thank u hahaha, muchas gracias

  9. did contractubex work for you?

  10. You are very handsome *blush*

  11. Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while. So , about a year ago, I cleared my acne 95% and started working my deep scars. I cleared it by doing a strict paleo diet. sadly, I cannot eat too much meat and I started eating bread again, but I still avoid 99% of junk food. My acne came back full swing and I do not know what to do, I cannot go back on paleo, all that meat eating is just sickening, I am a bread person... not meat. Have you read any success stories on the msg board lately that you
  12. Ok, I haven't been here in a while, but I am still struggling with my face.. By accident, I ran into something that might help cure acne, but before I suggest anything, I would like to write a WARNING! Don't pursue any legal action against me, try this at your own discretion. What happened was that I got a wisdom tooth growing out my gum and it got infected. My granma suggested using "potassium permanganate" in water to remove bacteria. She had some, and after putting LITERALLY 1-3 grains of
  13. What is your avatar of?