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  1. does Masturbation causes acne or pimples? what are the bad effects of masturbation?
  2. i totally agree with u guys n thanks alott for that.. but i can't agrre on some things like quiting workout..thats not possible bcoz it makes me feel stronger,energetic.. i don't take any of the supplements so how can i satisfy my body needs if m not able to have dairy products.. nd am not sure that acne is through dairy products or not..so what should i doo..?? I need to have dairy products for energy and i don't want acne tooo..whats the solution..?
  3. i am physique freak..so i work out hard..to make my body strong i eat paneer and curd daily..before starting dairy products my face was good but as soon i started consuming dairy products like paneer and curd i think my acne is coming back.please help..!!