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  1. I had had clusters of flesh coloured bumps on my forehead for over a year, come and go. I have tried to research on this, and yet to come to a possible conclusion. I have been prescribed acne medications such as clindoxyl gel and retin-a cream to clear up my acne and my forehead with very temporary results, only for my forehead bumps to reappear in 3-4 months. My face for the most part is clear with the occasional hormonal breakout, but these bumps are constant. I eat very healthy and workout at
  2. As many others have, I have tried everything for my acne over the counter to proactive to just accepting the fact that I have been cursing with acne and forehead millia. My question is, will home remedies get rid of my forehead millia? Today I have started to drink 2 cap fulls of apple cider vinegar diluted in a 750 ml water bottle, as well as applying organic cocoanut oil to my face. Also, I plan on purchasing Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar but for today I am just using regular grocery st