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  1. Have you tried switching the steps in your routine? Instead of cleansing --> moisturizing --> BP, you could do cleansing --> BP (wait 15-20 minutes) --> moisturizing Applying the moisturizer after the BP could help with the excessive dryness and irritation that BP is known to cause. It may seem a little bit basic, but give it a shot and let us know what happens!
  2. Are you using any products on your face right now? If I had to guess, I'd say it looks like a typical acne breakout. Perhaps you can try the acne.org regimen? (It's a bit pricy, but definitely worth a try! If anything, I would try the BP from the store. It works very well!) Looking at the picture, your face appears a little oily, so you may want to invest in a moisturizer as well. (Although it might just look oily from the flash, etc.) Let me know if you have any more que
  3. If you don't mind sharing, pictures might be able to everyone to pitch in and help better! How long have you dealt with these scars? If they are pigmentation from acne, they will eventually fade--normally in a few months and maybe up to a few years. In regards to your dry and oily face: I would recommend using a moisturizer after washing your face. It sounds like you are using a product that removes a substantial amount of oil from your face. If you don't moisturize, the f
  4. This is coming from a purely observational standpoint (non-scientific), but I've noticed that a lot of people who have suffered from acne for a prolonged period of time tend to have acne scars and spots. One thing that I definitely know--from personal experience--is that acne spots and scars occur from certain products. Clean and Clear exfoliating cleanser basically has left pigmentation from 6 years ago that is still lingering...
  5. Powerful, yet somewhat gentle, exfoliator

    Having sensitive skin, I'm always reluctant to use Lush products. They're really good, but oftentimes just too powerful for my skin. Mask of Magnaminty works really well as an exfoliator and truly works at getting rid of acne without leading to future problems of dry skin and irritation that oftentimes coincide with powerful masks. I recently had a breakout after having surgery on my face and this was my go-to product. Unfortunately, this product has a very short shelf life and doesn't last very
  6. Great for Sensitive Skin!

    After searching for a product that I could use a cleanser for my very sensitive skin, I finally settled down with this product! It's not foamy, smells kind of strange, and doesn't give a particular "clean" feel, but it works very well with keeping my acne at bay. I would only recommend this product if your skin is very sensitive to products, though, because it isn't a very powerful cleanser that most acne-suffers are used to using in their daily regimens.
  7. How long did you try to use BP and salicylic acid? Sometimes it can take at least a few weeks before you can see visible changes with medications such as BP and salicylic acid. Also, what type of skin care routine did you use during these treatments? (ie: Did you use a cleanser, moisturizer, etc?) Sometimes using strong products such as BP without products such as a moisturizer can actually be as harmful as they are good; if your skin is too dry after treatments it could cause oily skin and
  8. I'm by no means a medical professional, but the image you shared does not look like a normal "pimple popping". How did you pop the pimple? There's lots of redness and scaring that doesn't look like anything I've ever seen when someone pops a pimple. To me, it appears that you didn't pop the actual pimple, but just severely irritated the area around the pimple. How does your face look now?
  9. Like the others have already mentioned, really think about the potential side effects of Accutane. Is your acne bad enough to justify you getting negative, long term side effects? If you're still young, perhaps your acne will go away over time. There's definitely a reason why so many dermatologists are reluctant to prescribe the medication. Roche, the pharmaceutical company that made Accutane, stopped marketing the drug after they lost more money in lawsuits than they were making with the produc
  10. Thanks for sharing! I used a few products from Lush in the past. (got too expensive) Are Mask of Magnaminty and Cosmetic Warrior the only two masks you've tried? I really want to get a mask from Lush, but I"m afraid it'll cause a breakout. I tried rosy cheeks a few years ago, but otherwise I"m kind of in the dark. Glad to hear your skin is clearing!
  11. Along with what the fellow member has already stated, I'd recommend also talking to the workers there. They're all highly trained and know everything about most any product and ingredient. Just make sure that you aren't pressured into buying anything you don't need. They'll certainly try to convince you to purchase something that may not be what you want if what you need is not in stock. You can also ask for samples there as well! Hope you get something good! (Personally, I enjoyed using herb
  12. I would recommend trying the medication for a longer amount of time. The acne.org regimen, which is benzoyl peroxide based, can take up to 3-4 months to get clear skin. It can certainly be difficult to stick with a product for months until you can see a visual difference, but treating acne is a long-term process, unfortunately. What's your current regimen (schedule) that you use to treat your acne? (cleanser, products, moisturizer, etc) Maybe there's something in your regimen that you could c
  13. I've been dealing with hyperpigmentation forever! Something that kinda helps diminish it is using products with niacinamide in them. It's certainly not a miracle drug, but I've noticed it helps a little bit. Check this page out, it has loads of details: www.acne.org/hyperpigmentation.html As for the acne scars, there are a few things you can do such as a laser treatment or derma rolling, but I'd recommend making sure your acne is under control, because if you keep regaining your acne, it will
  14. I've started to use the CeraVe AM a little while back and I like it so far! I'm not sure if you have any hyperpigmentation, but the product contains niacinamide, which I've noticed has helped some with my hyperpigmentation and red marks. Truthfully, I haven't tried my AM at night, so I can't give you a definitive answer. I think the only major difference between the AM and PM is that the AM has sunscreen SPF 30 built in, whereas the PM doesn't.
  15. It looks like a mixture of active acne and some hyperpigmentation. When you rub your finger across the surface of your skin, does your skin feel smooth, or do you notice that it feels like you're having an active breakout? Take a look at this article from the website and see if it fits what you are having: http://www.acne.org/hyperpigmentation.html Unfortunately, oftentimes pictures are difficult to determine exactly what a person is going through, as a lot of stuff looks similar! Keep us