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  1. I really appreciate all your responses. When I wrote this, I was in such a terrible slump and I think I found it easy to take out all my insecurites and frustrations on my acne. My life seems to revolve around my face. On a good face day, I'm in a good mood and feel naturally alive and want to smile to the world..on bad face days, well, needless to say it's quite the contrary. I think I probably have some where in between severe acne and moderate acne. I have big nodules all over my cheeks and
  2. I've had it! Enough! I can't stand the site of my beautiful face covered in these HORRENDOUS ugly red BLISTERS making me feel like I belong in a lepor colony of some type! I'm pretty and have a bangin body and have been single for over a year now! WHY you may ask??? BECAUSE I'M CONFIDENCELESS! I HATE MY SKIN. Everyone here in Connecticut has BEAUTIFUL PERFECT NON BLEMISHED skin and I stick out like a LEPOR among all these perfect skinned freaks! Actually that would make ME the FREAK! I'm so tire
  3. Two Reasons Why. A) YOu have a food allergy. Sufferers of acne are commonly allergic to wheat, corn, yeast, dairy, sugar, and various nuts. Try eliminating foods for two weeks and see if your condition improves. B) Acne errupts when the liver becomes congested and cannot handle all the daily demands of filtering toxins out of your body, so where do those toxins show up? You got it...your face, your back, your neck and chest. A liver cleanse could help you with your acne, as well as with other
  4. So it's not just me! I get SO effin angry everytime I get those horrible nastly painful little piss ant pimples on the sides of my cheeks right under my ear because I know that inevitably that little pimple will alert the other side of the cheek that it's completely naked without a pimple on it! UGH! Well, it's good to know I'm not alone!
  5. Perricone talks about in his intro how his acne was cured with large doses of Vitamin A when he had acne, and then he doesn't ever mention it again in his entire book! That had me confused
  6. These days since I'm cycling a lot and training for some big bicycle races this summer, my metabolizm has been THROUGH the roof! My boss was making fun of me today because I am CONSTANTLY eating. I probably eat somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 calories a day....and on long riding days probably more like 5000! It's unbelieveable to me! I am 5"7 and weigh about a buck40, mostly musle though. I do wonder if there is a correlation between fast metablizms and acne. I used to think that fast metaboli
  7. If I get a pimple on my left cheek, the next day, or two days later, I'll get one in the same exact spot on the opposite cheek. Does anyone else have this experience with symmetrical acne?
  8. Someone once said on these boards that he felt his acne was a karmic punishment for his vanity. Well, I have to say that I feel this to be true for myself as well. All my life I've never had a problem in the looks department, up until I was about 18. That's when The acne pretty much TOOK OVER my life. I've tried everything, there isn't a product or medication out there that I haven't tried. I finally found this place about 2 months ago, and was so excited that there were so many others out there
  9. Hey there. Yeah, I have to agree on the healthy diet approach. I've been wheat free and corn free for about a year now, and have noticed a huge difference in not only my skin, but my energy levels as well. I feel that diet is definitely a contributing factor for me (maybe not for everyone) because my system is so delicate and can't tolerate a lot of toxic overload. I went to see my naturopath yesterday to talk about the acne, and she has suggested that i go on a liver cleanse. I'm a little skept