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  1. arg14

    A Few Days Later

    So it's the Monday after the weekend and I've been working with the Clarisonic and different regimens to see what works best for me, and I think i've found it! Starting on Friday, I began using the Clarisonic two times a day, morning and night, with Cetaphil Daily Cleanser. Although since starting use of the Clarisonic last week, I've gotten two big under the skin pimples on my chin. But they seem to have went away quickly. I don't know if I can attribute that to the Clarisonic use, but it i
  2. arg14

    Clarisonic Day 3

    Used the clarisonic again last night. Not for the full minute, and with the Neutrogena face wash. Although i woke up with a zit on my chin (its one of the under the skin ones that will probably never come to a head and be gone in a few days), so far, I really like what the Clarisonic is doing for my face. It seems to be getting rid of all the little bumps that were on my cheeks and forehead. I'm not sure if some of these small new pimples are a result of it, or my skin just getting used to it, b
  3. arg14

    Clarisonic Day 2

    So, against what I said in my last post, I decided to use the Clarisonic last night. I guess my excitement has gotten the best of me. I used it last night with the Nuetrogena Pink Grapefruit Cream Cleanser and only used the Clarisonic on the lowest speed (factory speed) for 1 minute. Woke up this morning with one zit on the left side of my face, kind of near my hairline, and one on my jawline-- which is an unusual place for me to get them. Both are really small just little white head things
  4. A little background on myself and my skin... I'm in my early 20's and I consider myself to have very hormonal acne. I was on and off birth control in high school, and never really noticed a change in my face (although I wasn't as obsessive with it at that time as I am now). Come my sophomore year in college, I was breaking out constantly and not on birth control. After going on Junel Fe 1/20, my skin cleared up considerably. It has remained clearer in the past 4 years, or at least more cons