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  1. currently i'm using 2 cups per bath, anywhere from 1-3 times a day
  2. my friend (who's a model) just told me that if you stop using products for a few months your skin is supposed to improve..
  3. I've tried many different regimens for months on end, and been quite consistent in using them daily. However, after about 5 years of acne, I'm still cursed with this marred image. Lately my acne has been getting a little bit better, and I think it might be because I have pretty much stopped touching my face/neck/shoulders entirely, and I've noticed that if I do ever pick, it gets much worse the next day. However, it seems that whenever I use BP or SA, my acne gets better for a day, then worse an
  4. oh good good, just trying to figure out if i have to work today, cause i really dont want to

  5. treyska


    im uh.. proving that my bacne is clearing up!
  6. ah no worries everyone ive talked to said shes dumb and bitchy so nobody will believe her

  7. eh not shit. being sexually harrassed by a girl who's 4 years younger than me..

  8. treyska


    a little boys town?
  9. treyska

    untitled album, WOOOO

    untitled album, WOOOO
  10. how goes it stud?

  11. good lawd, youre gawgeous

  12. it won't lag people, as you dont have to click the "play" button unless you don't want to. YouTube's embedded video's don't auto-start.
  13. also, holey jeans look better than normal jeans

    i cant remember what i was ACTUALLY gonna say, so that was just some quick, rushed advice :P

    but i seriously think you have it going for you so far man

  14. haha wow alright i took a long time.

    i'd say maybe trim your hair just a tad, and since it's not your real hair color, it doesn't quite match your eyebrows..

    try thinning out your eyebrows just a little bit?

    not too much, cause then it'll look unnatural.

    also, try buying shirts that fit pretty snug on your body (not nipple tight)

  15. haha thanks, always appreciate the compliment

  16. nevermind, someone from another website :P

  17. OH EM GEE. is this thePlease?

  18. thanks for your reply, thats a very interesting story. i still think it has a lot to do with your alcohol tolerance.. that or different people's acne reacts differently to alcohol. does anyone know whether or not there is a correlation between alcohol and hormone release? because we know for a fact there is one between hormones and acne.