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  1. i too had a rough experience with doxycycline. the process was extremely slow & i felt as though 50% of the time it was doing nothing & the other 50% it was making my skin worse. wait it out a little longer & see what happens. but it sounds like youve done plenty of waiting & want results & i understand that too. if you still see no improvement in your skin, perhaps talk to your parents or derm about a different treatment? bc like you said, people do become resistant to antib
  2. i am in the same boat as you. i have been on accutane for 2-3 weeks now, 60 mg a day & i havent been dry at all. no dry lips, no dry skin, no flaking, no thinning hair or mood swings, no side effects it seems like. im not sure if this means it's not working or i got lucky bc i know people who began peeling and flaking within the first twelve hours of taking accutane. were you on any medication before you started your accutane course? i started out on doxycycline before my accutane regimen so