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  1. The best stuff ever!

    I came across this website a long time ago during a desperate hunt online for an acne solution. I've had acne since I was 12 years old though it isn't cystic acne I do get a lot of pimples and its mostly because of stress or little sleep. I looked into this website and realized there was a regimen which I had never heard of! I was so surprised I had never seen or heard of this website before so I though maybe the regimen was no big deal, something that didn't work so well. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG!
  2. This product has been doing amazing things to my skin! But recently I, too have been noticing a little rash, itchiness and dryness in my eyes and face. I stopped using the moistraizer as often because I have very oily skin. But I used it last night and today in the morning again and and that i applied make up my skin is irritating. Im not sure if maybe its the acne treatment that is too strong or the moisterizer? Im not allergic to anything so I doubt its allergic reaction. Specially because