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  1. My memory is foggy but I believe I paid $1500. My rosehip oil brand was Life-flo. Now I just apply regular moisturizer since my face isn't acne-prone anymore. Youtheory. It's impossible for me to say how much it helped during the healing process, but it can't hurt. I want to be clear that this one procedure did not remove my scars 100%. I would estimate a 70-80% improvement on average. They're still visible in certain lightings but in general they're much shallower and fainter now, so it do
  2. pic updates with low-quality phone camera, as you can see the scars are faint when relaxed compared to smiling, but still much less prominent and more shallow compared to before subcision I think my scars have even improved since a few years ago, they're barely noticeable now >.< I still continue to take youtheory collagen on a daily basis [Edited image out]
  3. Just logged in to say that I also had a terrible experience with laser treatment, specifically Fraxel Repair. I had it done on both entire sides of my face and it made almost no difference to the scars but gave my skin a very dry, orange-peel texture that turns red easily and doesn't deal well with sunlight. It's been about 5 years since then but it's improved a ton since that first year, I think applying rosehip oil everyday religiously made a big difference. One round of subcision however with
  4. Hey I don't have a good-quality camera at the moment but my face still looks just as smooth if not better than in those last pictures. One simple round of subcision with no fillers was enough to make this much of a difference, despite the fact that it's considered "outdated" by many doctors who push laser treatments. I was taking Youtheory collagen supplements and vitamin C in the period after the procedure and continue to take them up to this day, which may have contributed to the buildup of co
  5. Hey all I'm just checking back after a year since my previous post. The results have held up, if anything my skin is smoother than it was one year ago but that may be due to applying rosehip oil everyday, which I also highly reccomend. It's still astounding to me that subcision is a relatively rare procedure performed by doctors, considering how significant the results I got were compared to my disappointing fraxel experience, which if anything did more harm than good. It's crazy looking at old
  6. It was performed by Dr. William Staggers. He's done this procedure many times and is thus very skilled. I've been using rosehip oil on my face the past few months which has had a great effect on skin tone and texture.
  7. I'm not sure if ice pick scars would beneft because I don't have any. In terms of lumps, the day after subcision it looked like I had golf balls under my skin, but I looked normal within a week. Some of the lumps however took months to go away. They weren't visible, I could just feel them under my skin. I think that lumps are a good thing though, that they're somehow crucial in the process of rebuilding collagen and keeping the scars untethered. Today there is no hardened lumpiness anywhere beca
  8. Just checking back in over a year later. The results are phenomenal. I'd estimate at least 70% improvement to my cystic scarring at a minimum. The before pictures I posted don't show how bad it truly was. Now my scars are hardly visible in even the most severe lighting. I never expected one round of subcision to achieve these results. Also, I think taking vitamin C and collagen supplements in the weeks after helped regenerate tissue.
  9. Hi all I'm just reporting back to say that if anything my scars have gotten better over time. It's amazing to me the results after one treatment of subcision, and even more amazing that it was so hard to find a doctor that did it since the procedure is considered "outdated" even though I got far better results from one subcision than Fraxel Repair. I messaged you. For anyone else wondering I had the subcision done in Alabama and it was $1500 for both sides of my entire face. I know this pri
  10. My doctor also said I wouldn't seen much improvement from subcision alone, but I would estimate the improvement 4 months later to be about 70% on my severe scarring on both sides of my face. I would recommend you take 1mg of vitamin c in the morning and 1mg at night. I also took collagen supplements by youtheory from Walgreens.
  11. Checking back in months later, I would say the appearance of my scars has improved slightly even more. The ridge on my right side is hardly visible now. I've been taking vitamin C and youtheory collagen supplements everyday.
  12. At least 50% at a minimum. Yes, I no longer feel insecure about my scars. I'm far more social now.
  13. I started looking better after after about 4 days. Stay out of the sun and be very gentle with skin, I would only use wash it with water.
  14. I think I remember you saying that your scars continued to "fill in" for a time period after the subcision treatments when the swelling went down. How would you estimate that period of improvement lasted?

    1. sverd


      By the way I'm taking vitamin C and collagen supplements to aid in that process, anything else you'd recommend?

  15. Thanks all. Does anyone know if I sleep with my face against the pillow it will increase the chances of the scars retethering?