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    Just a 22 year old woman suffering from hormonal acne.

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    Retin-A 0.025%
    Cera Ve Cleanser
    Cetaphil moisturizer
  1. Thanks Valerie44! Happy to hear that you're doing well on Spiro too! Let's keep each other posted, do you have a log? MID WEEK 7 Mini breakout on my right cheek. Nothing horrible but still annoying nonetheless. They all had a head so I extracted them. Hopefully I didn't press too hard and cause it to become a scrape. I have a super important interview tomorrow and the last thing I need to worry about is my face. Worse comes to worse I'll try to find a derm in my area tomorrow who can inj
  2. END OF WEEK 6/BEGINNING OF WEEK 7 My skin was a nightmare prior to Spiro and Retin A 0.025% and just after 6 weeks everything seems great. I'm not 100% clear but the worst thing on my face right now is this mini pimple on the top right side of my nose just below my eyebrow. Scars are fading and if I do get a bump its usually very small and goes away quickly, I'm really really happy. I know theres still some time to go and I really don't want to jinx anything. I want to just express my g
  3. Day 44 At least, I think it's Day 44, haha. Skin's looking good! Beyond thankful right now that I'm seeing results. Saw an endocrinologist couple days ago and she officially diagnosed me with PCOS. I took a blood test anyway to see if any of my hormones were wonky and to just double check that these symptoms weren't being caused by something else but she's positive its PCOS. I'm just really happy to know the source of the problem after all of these years of suffering and getting wishy washy
  4. Hey hedgehogcatcher, Welcome to the Spiro Club and good luck! Similarly to Accutane, this drug takes a bit to kick in so really hang in there. Please keep me updated on your progress or send me the link to your log if you have one. Sending you positive vibes! =)
  5. Day 34-38 6 week mark of Spiro and Retin-A and really happy. The pimple on my cheek wasn't that big and eventually shrunk. Everything else is looking great and the hyper pigmentation is really starting to fade. Don't want to jinx anything so I'll just leave it at that. Feeling really happy and positive right now. Hopefully you're all seeing clearer days.
  6. Day 33 All of the blackheads/clogged pores came out yesterday and the monster cyst thing shrunk! I applied some ice to it a couple of times throughout the day and even tried putting a peppermint tea bag over it because according to old wive's tales it works and I think it actually did decrease the size and redness. It's still there but its a lot more hollow and less noticeable. Maybe I'll try applying it to my face again tonight and see what happens, its natural so it can't really hurt. Alth
  7. Day 32 Everything was going swimmingly until today; I think I jinxed myself. Cyst like creature popped up on my right cheek and a couple of more small bumps popped up on my forehead. I applied Cetaphil Moisturizer today but my skin looks super oily for some reason. Don't know if I'll be able to go to my dermatologist this week to get the bigger bump injected but if it doesn't go away soon I might just find another dermatologist to inject it. Scars are still pretty noticeable and hoping they
  8. Girl, you are preaching to the choir! My roommate has gorgeous skin and when I complain about mine she tells me its because I eat poorly while she eats pasta and pizza all the time. She'll get a small pimple close to her hairline and she'll freakout and say "I HAVE ACNE! MY SKIN LOOKS AWFUL!" . I get so mad when she does that. Also, she'll just some rub some alcohol on the pimple and its gone the next day. Nobody knows what its like until they have it. I've struggled with acne for about 10
  9. Day 31 The dryness is slowly creeping back, I think its from the cold air and wind. Blobbed Cetaphil Moisturizer on my face so hopefully that'll do the trick. Most of the small bumps/clogged pores from last night are gone and only a few remain. Hopefully most will be gone by tomorrow or Tuesday. Wish these scars would fade though, mehhhh! Just trying to stay positive! =)
  10. Thanks girl! Yeah, I found one at Sephora with great coverage but it's a little out of my price range so I will def check out Garnier! =)
  11. Day 27-Day 29 Skin's been doing well, trying to find a tinted moisturizer/BB Cream to cover my scars. Any recommendations please let me know. Noticing two small pimples coming to the surface on my forehead, two small clogged pores on my left cheek, and these two clogged pores on my right cheek won't seem to go away. Let's hope tomorrow brings me some luck. Everything's been going great, I really hope theres no flare up.
  12. Day 26 Took my spiro late again today and felt kind of nauseous. Probably because I've been taking it at wacky times so I need to get back on track.Skin looking good today, one bump is completely gone and the other one was a small clogged pore. Had another on my cheek that came out as did the clogged pore. Seeing another clogged pore coming to the surface but thats probably the worst thing on my face. Really happy and thankful!!
  13. Day 25 (delayed post) Had my facial/mini microderm today and the aesthetician got rid of all the small pores and blackheads, however I think I see a bump emerging on my forehead which is getting me scared. Because I can't put Retin-A on tonight I dabbed some of that Grease Lightening that I used when I didnt have my Retin-A on hand. I remembered it helped me with a couple of emerging bumps so lets hope it works its magic again. My skin was just getting clearer and I really can't stand to
  14. Day 24 Took my pill very late today because I was running around. Some more improvement. Still some small clogged pores and dry skin. Facial/mini microdermabrasion tomorrow! Lets hope its all good from now on! Hope everyone's doing well!
  15. Day 23 Pretty much the same as yesterday. Some very tiny bumps here and there but nothing huge and noticeable thank god. My skin is incredibly dry though so I blobbed Cetaphil Moisturizer all over my face. Might have to put some more. Have to hold off on the Retin-A tonight for the facial on Monday. Sucks because I want to put some on these little buggers but I guess I'll have to deal. Again, just very thankful that things are turning around and I really hope it only gets better from here.