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  1. about the bruising... will this eventually subside?--> because i recently had a pimple that is now healing but it still has a little ring of kind of a purple around it?
  2. i also have been using this makeup for about and month and so far so good... not causing anymore breakouts and has good coverage - Lauren
  3. I use neutrogena sensitive skin , oil-free moisturizer and it seems to be working (not breaking out from it) - Lauren
  4. i've been tanning..... it dries out the skin but i found it made my skin tone look more even! i put suncreen on my red spots though just in case - Lauren
  5. well now its turned into a hard red bump not as sore anymore... it there anything i could do that does not involve going to the doctor?
  6. thanks so much!! very helpful. - Lauren
  7. Well i was just curious... I have a small bump on the side of my chin which as been there for about a week. It is painless and it white with somewhat discoloured skin around it. this bump had once been an active pimple but now it it just sitting there!! i put bp on it. Will it gradually go away even though it has no head? i really dont feel like taking the chance and poking it with a needle. and on a side note.. i did not know until today that it was even possible to get another pimple exactly o
  8. I would just let it take its coarse... its better then popping it and irritating the skin... or spreading the bacteria. Also its easier to cover up an un opened pimple .. haha found that out the hard way - Lauren
  9. could it be a new shampoo or hair product?--
  10. about two months ago a switched my make-up because I was breaking out. After i stopped using it my skin got better.... found out it had jojoba oil in it. - Lauren
  11. Well this morning i woke up to a red sore "lump" on my chin..... im guessing its probably the beginning of a cysts?? havn't had one of these before:confused: Anyway... is it likely to leave a scar even if I dont irritate it be touching it? also is there anything i can do that will reduce it by tomorrow (starting school after march break . ) i've just been putting Bp on it.. Thanks.. Lauren
  12. I know this probably sounds stupid but... would it be ok if you applied sunscreen just to the discoloured spot?? so you could still tan (since i only have about 2 or 3).. thanks - Lauren
  13. A few days ago a began to get a pimple on face and yesterday although it is starting to heal (have not picked) it began to get a purple/brown ring around the pimple---- it feels kind of rough in texture and somewhat itchy. I was just wondering if this was a healing process or if it is going to leave a mark. thanks! - Lauren