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  1. Do you pick at them? Usually when I get a cyst it won't leave any scar or so if I let it be, only if I pick at it.
  2. Thank you a lot too. I did not experience any side effects yet and I'm on my fifth day of it (not even dry lips) and I really pray for this to stay this way, without the effects.
  3. Thank you a lot! I am new in this whole isotretinoin thing and when I saw that other people that weigh severely less than me was on 80-120mg per day I thought my dermatologist got wrong and I wouldn't ever cure with this dosage! But you helped me a lot with your words and taught me something I did not know at all :D
  4. Can someone reply, please? I am really concerned about this :(
  5. Hello there everyone. So, I am 18yo and I started taking isotretinoin two days ago. I didn't see any result yet but I am wondering if the dosage my dermatologist prescribed to me is too low. I am taking 40mg a day and I weigh 209 pounds because I am very tall for my age. Do you think I should have more?
  6. While the diet you are explaining will be good for your body, it won't affect your acne. All the dermatologists I have went to told me that diet has nothing to do with acne and I can eat whatever I want. And I say this because I know people who eat a lot of junk food and trash like that and their skin is cleaner than a baby one.
  7. Hello guys again. The summer is coming and my dermatologist will most likely prescribe me Isotretinoin for my acne (He put me on doxy for a month while I was making my analytics to reduce a little bit the inflammation and after this month he said he will give me something stronger) so i'm worried about sun. I will start Accutane, let's say on May 14, so would I be able to go the swimming pool or to the beach during summer? of course using sunscreen and stuff. What's your opinion?
  8. Well I'm actually from Romania hehe. Thank you for answering my question, so I'll have to wait until my parents come home, I hope the Clindamycin will help until then!
  9. Hello everybody again! I have some questions for you and I hope you can ask them. I'm 16 yo, and I have moderate-severe acne, I've been wondering if I can go into Accutane (Roaccutane here where I live, but I've understood that both are the same) at my age? Second, my parents are working in another country so I can't go with them to visit my general doctor, so, if I go alone and if I ask for Roaccutane (I'm pretty sure I deserve to use it, my acne is horrible) will she bring it to me? Will I
  10. That's veeery true. I have a very good friend, a classmate which always eats on McDonald's, every weekend, she constantly drinks Coca-Cola, eat chocolate and another junk foods which the people with acne consider taboo, and I know because i'm always there to see her eating a lot of stuff i've been prohibiting to myself to somehow improve my acne, and not only she has the MOST PERFECT skin i've ever seen, but she is my age and she never gets fat because of that, so genetics has a lot to do with a