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  1. lol that made me laugh :lol2:
  2. even tho im not a doc, i think by the end of your course (probably even before that) you'll have cleared quite nicely praying for ya man
  3. thought id add i just took my 51st pill. so only 129 left.
  4. i know its hard to believe but i got ya as i said random 8-[ http://www.lyricsdomain.com/19/starsailor/...good_souls.html fixing my car is going to cost about 1300-1400$ . i wish i knew how to do body work because i think i could fix it for about 500 myself. it really sucks mostly because my car is only worth like 3 or 4k. but yea no one was hurt (to my knowledge anyway) so that was good tp: i was taking 400 iu's of vitamin e a day but ive been slacking. i need to start doing that
  5. hi tp. im fine but minus $. oh well skin is coming along slowly but surely i think sounds like your off to a good start sorry to hear about your breakup know what you mean tho, i didnt get seriously ivolved this year, partly just because i know im leaving soon. i met a really =P~ cool sophmore this year plus afew others, but it would suck to start something just to have it over a few months later. in your case, maybe if he goes to school somewhat nearby you can still see each other O:
  6. i knew what ya meant $ and you have never heard the song "Good Souls"? [-( but "its the song that everybody knows" <---what the singer guy calls it whatever. take it as a compliment. i hope your doing better than me btw as i just crashed my car last night #-o
  7. ^what she said im on a generic myself...i think alot if not most ppl go on them. its pretty much the same stuff, so no worries
  8. Hey tp (if i may call you that )! i was kind of uncertain about accutane myself, but ive had no real problems. I started taking it early february, ive been on it almost 7 weeks now. I take 20mg every morning, thats it (really low dose i know). i just take it with a glass of water after i eat breakfast, which for me is usually cereal, toast, and juice; its good to take with milk i hear :-k , but since that isnt an option for you i think anything kind of "fatty" will do. The important thing
  9. thanks rach! at first i saw the comment, and not the user....i was like who is this prick insulting my friggin grammar, step outside with me:-# lol. sooooo....how you doing <joey accent> ?
  10. i know what you mean about them peels. i had a tca one awhile back, and my face was downright scary after...looked like a massive sunburn, scabby, and dead skin....not a pretty sight. I couldnt go out for 4-5 days afterwards because i looked like a freaking monster...no joke. In the future maybe get one when you know you have time offf? i got mine during a week i didnt have school, and that whole week only one friend saw me besides my family
  11. wow havnt updatd in forever. i had to take like 1.5 weeks off accutane after myfirst month. that wont happen again. Im back on now, so picking up at week 5 i gues. I started to break out a little when i was off accutane, but pretty much back to normal now. So hopefully ill be done sometime in July...this summers gotta be great (last summer beforecollege ) party / thanks to delux, i feel the same way man. Im planning on studying some sort of engineering (either electrial or bio) glad t