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  1. entra al chat uno de estos dias!!

  2. Y pensar que cuando te conocí, no podías ni votar... :D

  3. So, since people are still asking questions about this after all this time, I think it's only fair that I share my experience on it. My skin, while it's very oily and acne-prone, is also very sensitive. I've suffered from moderate acne since I was 15 years old. I never tried the ACV thing, just the dipping. And I don't recommend it at all. It was part of my daily regimen for several months. When I started it, I was already acne-clear from 2 years doing the regimen explained in this site. But I
  4. holy cow! cuanto tiempo!

  5. Choclos hermano! Lo que sea, LO RESOLVEREMOS YA LO VERAS!! Cuentas conmigo! :)

  6. daa hasta crees, nombre la vdd es q he tenido problemas con esta compu,ya no la hace.. pero bueno :)

  7. Hi Ceci. Just wondering about your avatar pic. Is it you or one of my favorite actresses, Gillian Hottie Anderson?

  8. sss q onda?? yo pense q ya no querias hablar conmigo desde que puedes votar!! jaja, Suerte en la escuela lindaa!!! ;)

  9. Hey Nicki! you haven't been around for a while, I wonder how you've been doing ;)

  10. Hola! Como has estado? Ya de regreso en USA? :)

  11. Hey man, where r u ?? was wondering if you could post an update sometime on how your ACV/DIP regimen is goin, in case you're still on it.

  12. hmmmm? uhmmm...

  13. Hey! How are you doing? Nice to see you here. :)