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  1. Anyone with help!!!!! PLeaseeeeeeeee help - does this really work? thanks SO much
  2. ok Ill try it but I have a feeling it will just be another waste of money and time do you honestly think it works/have you seen good results?!?! pleaseeeeeee let me know if your marks were very red and if they have actually faded? thanks!
  3. wow, ive tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my red marks but NOTHING has helped. I live in Chicago and I'm going to order this do you think it really helps with red marks that I've had for over 14 months now!? thanks pleaseeeeeee reply back!!!
  4. Yeh any update Lexia? PLeaseee thanks so much
  5. Barnabas, thanks for posting this....I need some serious help with my redmarks...Ive had them for a year now and NOTHING has helped...would this help you think? (im a white male with red/pinkish marks) Thanks so much
  6. Hey Lexia...Im thinking of buying some ocean water because NOTHING will help my redmarks...any ideas on where to purchase some water? Thanks as always
  7. Ive never heard of this stuff Desitin...does it really work? Ive had redmarks for a year now....I'm desperate Pleas let me know thanks
  8. Barnabas, thanks so much for sharing this with us. I'm a white male with a LOAD of redmarks covering my cheeks and chin. I have had them for almost over a year now...and they WONT go away. Do you think this stuff can really help me? I'm getting excited about this....pleaseeeeee let me know how your skin is doing weeks after you have been using it as well...and if it really works. THanks
  9. Thanks so much, she mentioned using a crystal spray with suction.....? So do you think this can really help my skin or will it take foreverrrrrrrrrrr?
  10. Hey guys, I have been going to a skin specialist (not a dermatologist) for a couple months now and my skin has cleared up. Now all that remains are a LOT of redmarks and small scars. My specialist is going to begin microdermabrasion in 2 weeks. Has anyone used this method, and does it really help with scars and redmarks? She said it will taake a few months to completely get rid of all the marks...but I don't know if this is true. My marks WONT leave. So can you guys just let me know if it works
  11. Yeh I was wondering the same, if your marks have come back? or have they changed permanently? Thanks so much Lexia
  12. JJRed4


    Hey everyone I have heard from DOZENS of people about how great SkinFix works on scars. I'm not sure where to buy it or if this is true....but the people I have talked to says it works wonders. Has anyone tried this stuff? If so, how was it? PS- I hear it also helps with red/pink marks Thanks guys.
  13. Yeh, would rinsing my face with the same concentration of salt water as an ocean be a good idea...? I live in the Midwest which doesnt help hahaha. Im desperate....... Thanks Lexia!
  14. Wow....thanks for the post. Ive had red marks for over 11 months now....and NOTHING has helped...you name it Ive tried it. Has this mask been helping your marks....if so, how long have you have your marks? Thanks as always
  15. Hey Lexia....thanks for sharing this with all of us.....Ive had marks for over 10 months now and NOTHING has happened to them. Im so sick of having to see them everyday.....have your marks stayed the same since your vacation? Pleaseeeeee let us know how your marks are doing and once again thanks for sharing J