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  1. Quick Update: So it's now 3 months off the Yasmin. My skin is still clear, which I find hard to believe! My skin is notably oilier. I have always had oily skin, but it's definitely oilier than it was during my time on birth control. I got my period! I honestly felt 13 again, it was the most ridiculous thing. It happened on the 4th of this month, for five days. And it was very light! No cramps! Nothing like what I experienced prior to the pill. It is sad how happy I was to see my period
  2. Hey Scarlett, I'm sorry to hear you're having some acne flare up as you've come off birth control. You sound like you're doing everything you possibly can to help the situation, I know how frustrating it is! And no that is not TMI at all, sharing is caring haha. It's nice to hear other female experiences and what happened for their bodies when they were off the artificial hormones. And yes, about the headaches, it's good to know it's not the chemicals right? And not because of a side effect.
  3. HI everyone, Just wanted to post a quick update. I've been off the pill for 7 weeks now. Things I've noticed: *Huge digestion improvement. No bloating, constipation or Irritable bowel symptoms that I used to experience a lot. *Mood swings are definitely not as severe. I used to feel very out of control a week before and after my period. Essentially most of the time. * My skin is slightly oilier, the acne is not back to how it was before going on the pill though. I have a few enlarg
  4. Yes, it is very scary, the thought of changing a thing--especially when stopping one brand of the Pill about 8-9 years ago had such a negative impact on my skin; so I'm terrified to stop my current Pill brand, which, btw, some women swear have made them suffer hair loss--either when the took it or after they stopped taking it. Oy. Plus, I have sebaceous hyperplasia, which seems to be a permanent condition that's worsened by the skin's oil production. Just another reason I'm terrified to stop
  5. That's what happened to me the one time that I attempted to stop taking the Pill for good. Between the second and third month, my oil production kicked into the highest gear I've ever seen. And starting in month three, I began getting cysts/nodules on not only my face and jawline, but my arms, back and occasionally my legs. (Disclosure: Nodulocystic acne was my reason for going on the Pill in the first place, many years ago. Still, I'd hoped my body would adjust without any return of the dreaded
  6. Hey DuneDain, Haha I love food too! I've just realised that it's not worth eating something if I'm only going to enjoy it for a second and it will cause me more misery when I'm trying to get my body healthy. Yes, I've heard that as well about people being clear for a while and then a delayed shit hitting of the fan happens! I am just throwing myself in really, mainly because even with the pill, my skin was still horrendous anytime I didn't eat properly and wasn't taking vitamins. I did a lot of
  7. Thank you SiriBai=) I will keep posting on here as time goes on. Yes I came off the pill when I completed my last pill packet. I toyed with the idea of doing the pill cutting and weaning off? But I wanted to test my theory that my skin condition was due to my diet(as with everything diet, hormones, lifestyle, it's all connected. One can effect all of the other variables.) I also chose not to take agnus castus/vitex when I came off, as I think from reading a lot of topics on here, people try an
  8. Hi everyone, I haven't been active on this website for a long time. I started my account on acne.org many years ago as a teen. I started on birth control aged 18. Before then I had tried many things for my acne. Medication wise, it was a string of different antibiotics. All of which, stopped working as I became immune to their effects. I then went onto Dianette birth control for 3 years. Was moved on Yasmin, as a lower dosed pill. I was on that for 9 years. During that time I have r
  9. Dude hit me up when you know if you're coming over and we will hang for sure :D xXx

  10. Hey gorgeous girl! I've just cottoned on to your log and have read right from the start to your last post and checked out your photos. WOW! Seriously, your face is virtually clear in the last photos! It looks like the regimen is really working for you which is fantastic. I can't use BP, it literally burns my skin, I think I am allergic to it. I've tried on two seperate occassions. The first time I used it over my entire face it burnt my skin so bad I could barely move it and had to stay in the
  11. haha i'm super keen!! Will let you know when I drag my arse to the UK! Might be around december/jan!

  12. Sup G =p how you rollin these days? Come back to the uk and we'll go for a drink man! <3

  13. oi oi chin wagger- hope ure doin well :)

  14. Hey smartie, just thought I'd say hi and hope you're doing good=) I read your recent post and I agree that diet holds the key! I'm wheat, gluten, dairy, fruit, soya and nut free now. Following the basics of paleo and the only sugar I have is alcohol every few weeks now. Seriously never felt better. So I say kudos as its not easy mate but you can do it=) xXx