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  1. Been on the regimen for about 3 and a half months now but i'm still having problems with my forehead i've got alot of clogged pores, they look like really really small whiteheads that you can't see untill you look really close in the right light, any irritation and they'll inflame up into a spot. Anyone had this before/know what to do to to get rid of them?
  2. Hey there, first of all i'd like to wish you good luck on the regimen there may be many times you think about giving up mainly at the start but stick with it and you'll see results! You're acne sounds like exactly the severity/type that I have it didn't take me long to start clearing up. In answer to you questions. - Would I only apply the BP to my forehead/chin even though its not unusual for me to get pimples elsewhere, basically pimples are not ever present in the other areas!? I would app
  3. It can contribute but it is a really minor factor I sleep on my front all the time with my face on the pillow and I havent had any breakouts from it, just make sure you change your pillowcase regularly
  4. Thanks Brandy, i'll try some AHA to start with think i got some 10% lying around somewhere, any ideas how much I should use?
  5. What I like to do is shave before I go into the shower in the morning (then do the regimen), if you're struggling for products to use I love King Of Shaves Pro-Shave ASC2 Anti-Bacterial shave gel. Never had any problems with it, get a really close shave and it's got Aloe & Vit E in it so it's really soothes your skin if your prone to Razor Burn. Not sure if it's available in the USA though, you can get it from boots in the UK.
  6. Ok so i been on the regimen for like 2 months 1 week now and my face is totally clear (yay!) and i've stopped getting actives on my back however i have LOADS of red marks left on my back. Now from my experience with my face I know that these red marks take about a month to fade using the regimen. Just wanted to ask really if anyone has tried anything that fades red marks quicker? Reson being it's very sunny and I wanna go the beach I reckon on the regimen it'll take the marks about 2 months t
  7. If you shave every day your skin seems to get used to it, also you've got less hair to shave off if you do it daily so you do less strokes = less irritation.
  8. Know how you feel I was doing so well but I kinda got drunk and forgot to put BP on at night and in the morning now i got a big one just at my hairline oh well serves me right. btw how do you find the Cetaphil cleanser? I've heard mixed views on it, I bought some but I'm reluctant to change cause the stuff I got now seems to be working fine but it runs out so damn fast. Is it drying at all? (my biggest prob) Good to see you're feeling better now!
  9. those just look like red marks left by acne, apparently they fade with time, also the Eucerin Skin Renewal is supposed to help.
  10. Maybe Dan's gel is that much more effective than your old gel that it's brining up 'under the surface acne' to the top, I got a massive breakout when I switched from Panoxy to Dan's CSR but it cleared up fast and it was fine after that.
  11. I find this too with the Eucerin Skin Renewal makes my face very shiney, i'll just blot it away with a tissue though like Brandy suggests. Not convinced about the SPF15 in it though, I was out the sun for 3 hours yesterday (in scotland so it's pretty weak sun) and I got wicked sunburn on my face.
  12. I don't know if this is 100% true but i've heard that SA Neutralises the BP, try a normal cleanser?
  13. Yeah still used the moisturiser just missed the area with BP. if you're still getting new spots every day i suggest you wait untill you stop getting new ones before you try this.