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  1. rakiebakie, thank you so much for the warning. I had planned to use different oils on my face, but it looks like these clogged pores are super stubborn because it's been about a month or so now and they're still here
  2. hey all, just a quick update. I did exfoliate once very gently with the nizoral, which seemed to help a little bit. Would just like to get the okay to makek sure it's not harming it!
  3. Hey all! I recently found that I most probably have fungal folliculitis on my face. I think it came when I first tried the OCM method which did not work for me at all. I guess my pores got clogged? Anyway I started treating it with Nizoral and Head and Shoulders Classic clean, alternating every 2 days or so. I have been doing it properly since friday (before that I wasn't absorbing everything so doing it wrong for 2 days). Things seem to be improving but not as fast as I had hoped. I have JR P
  4. Hey guys so if anyone is still out there, do you think (based on the pictures) that my acne is actually fungal folliculitis? I do have pretty oily skin and still it does itch. THe weather down in california is pretty hot and humid as of right now too. If so, I heard nizoral shampoo is really good to treat it - I'm just worried about it drying me out. How can I prevent it? Thanks!
  5. Hey all I've taken off the tea tree oil because I read that a lot of people, particularly asians, have allergic reactions to it. I feel like I will probably go back to the BP treatment and during summer, if I want to, try again with different oils. I'll be sure to test patch the mixture on the side of my neck! For future reference, what do you think of the following mixture? 15% castor 15% jojoba 35% hemp seed 25% grape seed 10% hazelnut I know castor, jojoba, and hazelnut, while t
  6. Thanks for your help so far! I might end up going back to the BP because I am positive that I am allergic to jojoba oil. The little red bumps/comedomes are very itchy at random times and I don't think that would be best to continue. Are there any other alternatives I could use to jojoba oil? I would like one that has the same properties and benefits like soft skin, fixing discoloratin, etc. I'll make sure to do a patch test this time! Unless anyone believes based on the pictures, that I am o
  7. Hey guys! I have been looking every where for some answers but I am insanely confused by the numerous different reviews. Here's this situation: I recently started on a new all-natural regimen for the last 2-2.5 weeks. I use 2 dropper-fulls of jojoba oil with 2 drops of tea tree oil. It seems like recently I have been breaking out more, especially along my forehead but also around my mouth and t-zone area. Before that I used BP which really only managed/regulated my mild acne but never gave