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  1. wow, amazing progress, congrats on your clear skin it looks flawless!
  2. Regimen Week 1: I went full dose of Benzoyl Peroxide at day one, and my face was itchy and red. My skin turns dry soon after I started the regimen and is staying that way. Week one is the toughest especially I did not start with a low dose but I didn't mind the pain. Skin turns red and dry Minor improvement of acne Regimen Week 2: My skin became extremely flaky that moisturizer could not help with dead skin too much. 50% of the acne are gone but my skin is red and dry, and I feel like I am a
  3. interesting question and responses, i thought i would give up anything in the world for a clear skin but you know what, i'd rather give up the laziness and get my ass up and fight for it.