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  1. Use this stuff called silicea gel from the health shop. You can consume it and apply to face. Apply it to your nose and let it sit till dry. Do this everyday and you should see a difference as you progress. Also consume a table spoon of silicea gel as well. Good luck as post to tell how it is going. Also don't pick
  2. I am from Australia and I suffer from mild to moderate acne. Like many of you I will be clear sometimes and pimply other times. What I have just found is this really good product that helps me when I break out called JURLIQUE face cleanser and moisturiser. It is a little bit pricey $4o a bottle but it will last you up to 5 months. The trick when washing your face is to not use too much cleanser. Too much can only dry the skin out more and make yah look like shit. The product is expensive because