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  1. I know there's not a lot of "scarring" but it's also hard to tell on pictures. Is the red marks hypigmentation? What is the best treatment option for me? I'm so sick of waking up every day and looking at this! I am will to try whatever. I have had a chemical peel and I'm considering starting microneedling but I'm willing to try anything and everything! Can anyone who has had the same problem tell me how you finally cleared this up? I just can't deal with it anymore.
  2. I am right there with you! I love/hate the summer too. Water is the enemy It really is a second time job applying make up so your SO doesn't have to see your acne. But I wouldn't DARE walk out the bathroom without it.
  3. I miss only focussing on my general facial flaws or what I considered flaws. I remember a year and a half ago I never wore any type of foundation on my face. Now I have to cover my face every time I wash it. I feel like id spend a lot less time during the day caring about how I look if I didn't have acne. That's what I remember about my clear skin. I didn't have to hide my face. And wash it twice a day and apply medication and lotion and try not to get it wet so my make up doesn't come off and n
  4. Hi, I've just been reading everyone's story on here so I thought I'd share mine (the brief version of course) and I wanna hear yours! Acne changes your life, imagine if you would have never it acne. How different would your life be? Your self esteem? Your overall confidence? 2 years ago my boyfriend of 3 years left me for another girl. She was a cheer leader/dancer/rich beauty queen. No I'm not over exaggerating. I was "was" a average looking kinda tomboy just every day girl. Not a lot goi
  5. I love double wear. I would never leave my room without it.
  6. Estée Lauder double wear foundation literally saved my life. You won't find better coverage. It can make your skin look dry if you don't moisturizer first but once you use it nothing else will do anymore
  7. I'd hardly think that you have problem skin! Haha but it looks to me like you just have larger pores! I would look up ways to try to shrink them and maybe use a lotion that tightens the skin. Even if you have to go and get a anti aging lotion just find out what products are best for large pores that won't clog your pores and cause more break out.
  8. Hello, I've been on the regimen for about 4 months now. It's cleared up most of my acne bumps. I get a few here and there and still have problems with white heads on my chin. But the red marks are what kill me inside every day. It is literally a full time job trying to keep them hidden under make up. I didn't get acne till about a year and a half ago. (I am 22 now) and it has been the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I will not leave the house or even room without something covering m