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  1. I'm considering adding glycolic acid cream with retin-a in my night regime. I was wondering if this is a good idea? Does anyone else used it together and if anyone has experienced a reaction from the two combo? Your comments will be greatly appreciated! /
  2. I was wondering whether anyone was on a skin regime of retin-a and glycolic acid cream. I was thinking of adding glycolic acid in my nightly regime. I wanted to know whether or no that combo will be too harse or if people are having good results with it. THanks. /
  3. My first treatment of sb on the setting of 12 and it didn't blister my face, but my second one on the same setting left marks. Ohh well...i'll just keep my fingers cross. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it comforting to know i'm not alone. Anyhoo...i was wondering if yall could share your overall feelings and improvement you've been seeing with your smooth beam treatments. Take care. keep me posted. thanks
  4. Hi i was wondering if anyone has experienced scarring caused from the blisters from smooth beam. On my second treatment, my forehead had a few blisters and there has been a red mark left from it ever since. I wanted to know whether other smooth beam patients experience this and if it went away. I'm scared to continue with my treatment if there is a high chance of scarring. Your response will be greatly appreciate.
  5. hi everyone...I just had my second sb and a small area on my fore head has blistered up. I was wondering if any one else had blisters from SB and if so how long did it take to heal up. I also wanted to know whether the blisters could leave scars. I had my sb setting on 12 just like my first treatment, but on my first sb i had no problems. I'm a little worried why my second sb cause me to blister up and the first one on the same setting didn't. Please respond if anyone is or was going thru t
  6. what is super cop btw? I just got the nucelle mandelic serum. I'm gonna give that a try. Well i glad to hear you found a dr. I hope everything goes well with your treatments. Guaranteed flawless skin should be taken with a grain of salt. Don't expect too much. But good luck nevertheless. I hope it does give you flawless skin. Keep me posted on your treatement. SB treatment has been slow and and occassionally i see some differences but i still have 3 more treatment i have to go before
  7. Wow cool you were from hawaii. I live in hawaii. Kind of sucks with acne though cause of the weather and humidity. I just got my mandelic serum yesterday. Tried it out and no difference. Ohh well...i'll keep trying. Thanks all for your input and experiences. I'm stepping out of the box now cause of you guys. Take care.
  8. My scars are similar. I have a lot of ice pick scars on my inner cheek by my nose and the outer cheeks i have discolored indents. Sorry i don't have a scanner to post my picture. Just don't expect too much after the first treatment. It's a gradual process. Just talk it out with your dr and see what he says about how your skin will be for the treatment. My doctor told me that it's not for scar only active acne but already i do notice a reduction in scarring. I might be disllusional but it'
  9. hey discombongulate! i just had my smooth beam 4 days ago and i would say it was money well spent. I haven't seen dramatic results however my overall skin texture is smoother and some of my small scars have disappear. I continue to see results. I'm also asian skin and was worried about pigmentating, but so far my skin reacting very well to the sb treatment. I say go for it! Good luck. Keep me posted!
  10. what are you suppose to expect from 1st sb treatment. I got mines 2 days ago and my overall skin texture is smoother but is that it? Any feed backs plz. I'm anxious
  11. hey skinny! Don't worry about the pain. Just layer on the numbing cream every 20 mins in an hour before your sb procedure. Also i took some asprin cause someone on the forum recommended. Trust me the pain is bearable especially for the result you'll be seeing. And the lasering only takes about 10 mins. After my first sb, i've already seen improvements. My overall skin texture is smooth and less bumpy. I'm sorry if i made you insecure about the sb but i have a low threshold for pain. Tru
  12. I know you guys...thanks for the advice. I've been reading about mandelic serum and just ordered it online. I'm gonna give that a try and see how well it goes with the sb treatment. I don't know if it's placebo, but today my skin look very good under my makeup. I don't know whether or not it just my imagination or the sb treatment has been taking effect. But i'm happy with it. Just don't want to go through the pain. I a wuss.
  13. Skinny: Hello. My doctor was confused about it too. I told i was on retin-a and all he told me was not to use it the night before the proceduce. I did that and when i came into my appointment he said that it was too red so he reschedule it for the next week so my skin can get back to normal. When i actually got my sb treatment, he told me to lay off of retin-a for the entire sb treatments. It's so hard for me. I think i have ocd and can't bear the thought that i can't wear retin-a. Before
  14. Hello50: Thanks for posting your progress...I'm glad you're seeing great improvements...I just got my first sb treatments and i can't really see a differences yet but i know it takes a while. I thought that the pain wasn't gonna be that bad but it was horrific. I clenching to the seams of the chair. I got 3 more. Please keep me posted on your progress and i'll do the same. You mention your using mandelic serum , plz explain how you fit it in your skin regime? I thinking about adding the m
  15. Maya: Thanks for responding so fast. I'll take your tip and try out the mandelic serum for a while. I'll tell you how things go. Hope you have a good day. /
  16. I just got home from my smooth beam treatment. Ouch it really hurted! I wasn't expecting that. I thought i had a high threshold on pain but now i know i'm a wuss. Anyhoo...right now it's really red and kinda swollen but not too bad. I hope the scarring gets better. I can't really tell right now. I'll keep everyone posted on how my recovery goes...And thanks to all who wrote down your experiences...mucho gracias nami
  17. Hi i was wondering if it is ok to use the mandelic 10%serum first then put on differin for acne or vice versa. Also is it ok to combine the two? Last question, What would you recommend to use: the whole mandelic skin care line or just using the serum is sufficient enough for acne scars and discoloration? # thanks Nami
  18. ObiWontonKenoli: Glad to hear that your first SB treatment went good. I'm gonna get mines on Monday and i'm just so anxious...I don't know if i can wait for two days... I've been hearing such great results that i can't wait. [-o< Well i've been having a sad day...We had to put my boyfriends dog to sleep and then i nearly got into a major accident but i'm grateful to be able to report to you all about this...I know i blabbling so i'll stop... Just want to thank everyone for writing your
  19. ohh...i see...thanks for the link. So how many treatment of sb have you done already? Was it money well spent? How has your scar improved (%)? Sorry you probably wrote this so many times...I'm just excited and scared. Well thanks for enlightening me about mandelic and copper peptides.
  20. Ohhh ya...btw...what is mandelic and copper peptides? Is it supplements or creams for the face to aid in recovery? :-k
  21. Hi Ebby! So nice of you to respond and share your experience...I came in my doctor's office and they said they refuse to do the smooth beam today before my face looked inflammed by using retin-a in conjunction with bleaching cream. I was never told to stop using the retin-a for a week, instead the receptionist told me to only stop the night before. Ohh well..kinda disappointed...but i guess it's better than hyperpigmentating. Thanks for your advice ebby about layering the numbing cream...
  22. I have an appointment tomorrow for my first smooth beam laser treatment and i'm very nervous. Could someone tell how their first experience was with sb so i can know what to expect. 8-[